How to Save Money with Whole House Water Filters

Water is something we cannot live without but the same thing that’s keeping us alive is also hurting us due to poor filtration and contamination. The tap water that you drink every day is already filtered to make it drinkable. But that process includes adding chemicals you have probably never heard of. These chemicals (such as chlorine which is the most popular one) can be very bad for your health.


This is one of the biggest reasons why everyone needs a proper water filtration system. The whole house water filters for example, are a great solution because they filter the water just as it enters your house and therefore supply all your water sources with clean, odorless water that also tastes great.


But if this is not enough to convince you, consider this – the whole house water filters can actually save you money and you only need one of them.


The whole house water filters are great because they require almost no maintenance at all and you will only need to change the occasional filter about once every decade or so. But how does all of this save you money?

Whole House Water Filters

Appliances have a longer lifespan

Unlike sink filters, the whole house water filters will supply every water source in your home with filtered water which means your dish washer and washing machine will serve you longer. This will save you money for repairs and new units altogether.


Save on bottled water

Many people choose to buy bottled water to installing a water filter because they believe this is the cheaper solution. However, this is not true at all. It is actually estimated that a whole house water filter can save some households more than $700 per year for each person.


But let’s take a better look at some of the other advantages of whole house water filters:

  • Healthy life

Because these filters supply your whole house with better water, you will start feeling the difference right away. Your skin will no longer be dry and your hair will no longer be brittle due to the lack of nasty chemicals in the water you shower with.

On top of that, the evaporation of those same chemicals will be eliminated completely and you will breathe better air which helps with asthmas and allergies. Your clothes will no longer be oozing chemicals in the air when they are drying and the steam from your shower won’t be dangerous anymore.

VOCs and THMs are carcinogenic chemicals which can be found in unfiltered tap water. They have been known to cause rectal cancer as well as bladder cancer. These threats will also be eliminated the moment you install a whole house water filter in your home.


  • Helping the environment

Did you know that only about 13% of all plastic bottles are actually recycled? If you are environmentally conscious, you will want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. By filtering your own water, you will not need to buy bottled water anymore.

But plastic bottles that haven’t been recycled aren’t the only problem here. The problem is that most of us throw the bottles away when there’s still a bit of water left in them. This adds up to a staggering 1 billion gallons of fresh water. Keep in mind that water is a finite resource and we all need to do our part and stop wasting it.

We live in a world full of contaminants and we cannot protect ourselves from everything. But we can definitely start drinking better water and save some money at the same time with a good whole house water filter.

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