Seven Types of Beautiful Homes with Captivating Floorings

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

No matter how much you travel in the world, the feeling of coming back to home matches up to nothing. You experience solace and affection at home.  Everyone has the dream of having his or her home with the favorite interior, which will add aesthetically to the house.

Are you thinking of buying a new home maybe not now but in the near future? Then guess what, we have curated seven different types of the house along with flooring and interiors that will fit in every budget. So go ahead and check out the entire blog for every personality.

Log Home – Wooden Flooring

Log homes are beautiful in every aspect. What is more interesting is they are always located in the lush green area where one can breathe fresh air. You can build them at any location. The log homes are the single storey as well as two storeys and have lavish entrance. It depends upon your preference what you wish to have.

Whether the log home has high ceilings or simply cozier look, ensure that the interior always gives you comfort. You can have vintage and antique furnishing that goes well with the wooden flooring such as reclaimed oak flooring. The flooring should be in a darker tone, so the room looks broad. Keep the walls of cool hue that deck up well with the flooring.

Condominium – Parquet Flooring

The condominium also is known as the condo. It is a preferable option for the people who study and work together. But one can get the comfort of home even with the condos. The bright color combination will transform your home into a fresh living space. Furniture should be a mixture of contemporary wood along with lighter tone upholstery.

When it comes to flooring condominiums are uniform and mostly consist of parquet flooring. If you are going after the lighter brown tone, then keep the curtains of harmonizing colors. Add few accessories like a realistic painting to the wall for an eye-catching look.

Cape Cod- Custom Made Flooring

Cape Cod homes belong to the 17th century Massachusetts. They are sturdy and elegant that can endure in the worst weather circumstances. Cape cods are built for the reliable protection against the high wind and snow. The windows are with shutters, and the roof is overhanging in the exterior.

Traditionally Cape Cod homes are 1.5 storey because of their shape and roof. The master bedroom is on the first floor while other rooms upstairs. The interior of Cape Cod house represents original layout. While the flooring is custom made which makes it luxurious.

Custom made flooring is when two or more types of flooring are blend to form unique flooring. For instance, you can have wood flooring that can be intertwined with hexagon shape ceramic tiles.

Studio Apartment – Tobacco Cove Flooring

The first time when the word studio apartment comes to mind, one automatically thinks dorm life. It turns out, and it’s the opposite of what you think. A well-organized studio apartment will offer you plenty of space and possibilities.

The interior of the studio home can be painted in complementary colors for visual effect.  Many things can be used to keep the bedroom separate from dining and living spaces. From bookshelves, glass wall and many other options.

For a charming and neat look, you can opt for the tobacco cove flooring. It is not vibrant but uplifts the appearance of the room. It’s engineered and solid wooden flooring. To make it more pleasing to the eye, why not put rugs for a comfy feel? Interesting!

Modern Style Home – Marble Flooring

Often one gets confused between modern and contemporary style homes. However, they are different from each other. Modern style home refers to the architecture, which is inspired through historical art movements. The house comprises of open spaces, neat, clean, and geometric lines.

The interior of a modern style home is rustic décor. A subtle color combination that perfectly goes well with the modern lighting. The marble flooring will go well with the rustic décor. Marble is similar to that of ceramic tiles except it is expensive. One of the fantastic feature marble floorings is they are shining and smooth which makes it exclusive it looks.

Tiny Home – Laminate Flooring

People are becoming minimalistic and keeping things that they need. The architecture has been around for decades but has come to the fore in recent years. It aims at finding beauty in fewer things, avoiding the unnecessary. Less is the new more.

Tiny house draws a lot of influence inspiration for the minimalism. One of the key factors while utilizing the space in the small home is choosing the appropriate furnishing, which fits and serves multiple uses. The interior of the tiny home is always cozy and warm enough to make you snuggle.

Easy to install and known for its hard surface, laminate flooring is an ideal option for tiny homes. It looked similar to hardwood flooring but produced from medium fiberboard. It is tough to can stay active in certain situations.

Contemporary Style Home – Vinyl Flooring

Contemporary styles are comfortable, simplicity, clean lines, and definite texture will present a perfect home. By following basic rules, one can achieve the gorgeous look of contemporary style. The color of the home should be neutrals like black and white, which is often accented with bright hues. To make each piece stands out to take benefit of structural elements. The furniture of the contemporary style is simple but without curves and decoration. It should not be loud.

The flooring that suits up well is Vinyl tile, which lasts longer than the usual. It is durable but heavier than others are. Hence, you might not be able to use a specific area of your home. Vinyl flooring retains moisture well.

A structure built with bricks and mortar that eventually is filled with warmth, affection, and love. It becomes more special when we share it with the people whom we love and call family. Home is a Sunday morning reading newspaper in your gallery, watching a movie in the living room, or calling your friends and family for dinner. Home is much more than that of bricks and cement.

Everyone has a desire to build his or her dream home according to the budget. The above-written blog sums up about seven different types of the house with captivating floorings. We genuinely hope that it inspires you and your quest for perfect home and flooring comes to an end.

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