Should I Buy a Home with Foundation Repairs?

The words foundation problems always have the power to send most potential residential property buyers scampering for cover. Nevertheless, on most occasions, it is not foolish to purchase a home which has undergone foundation repairs. This is particularly the case when such repairs were executed by a reputable and seasoned foundation repair Corpus Christi contractor. With the passage of time, all residential properties tend to sink further into the ground. This is usually the case in regions that experience periods of intense heat, which are then accompanied by periods of extremely cold weather.

In turn, this can be even more severe if the house in question is built on clay soil. Clay soil is known to expand and contract much more when compared with most other soils that triggers frequent shifting of residential homes’ foundations.  Over time, foundation piers will continue to sink more and more into the earth. So, whenever you are seriously thinking of purchasing a home which experienced foundation issues and was repaired, it is always prudent to find out the kind of repairs that were performed, when they were performed and who did it.

Yet another important factor to bear in mind when you contemplate buying a house is whether it possesses an efficient drainage system. When a house has foundation drainage challenges or leaky plumbing fixtures, a huge amount of water will accumulate around its foundation. This, in the long run, can make it to experience sinking and shifting. To be able to anticipate future foundation problems, it is always wise to ensure the property you are eyeing has an effective and sound drainage system. This definitely implies you should make the effort of enlisting the services of a certified and experienced home inspector. Such a professional will make sure that this is really so. To this end, the very first issue you will need to discuss with the seller is if they performed foundation repairs, who did it and whether they provided a lifetime warranty on their workmanship. Also, if possible, settle for a transferable warranty that is always a plus when purchasing a home with previous foundation challenges.

On the other hand, the price a seller asks for should be able to reflect on the repairs which were done. This is simply because foundation problems can depreciate the overall value of a residential property, with substantial problems lowering it by up to 15% of its original value. At the same time, while presenting an offer, make it a point to include an inspection contingency.

You might decide to purchase the house as it is, however, should a serious issue crop up which the seller did not mention, you will require a way out of the deal. Doing this will enable you to avoid sustaining serious losses in the future. Therefore, always insist on an independent inspection of the structure to determine the severity of the damage that was caused and the repairs which were performed. This way, you will be in a better position of making an educated purchase decision.

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