Stainless Steel Railing For Second Story Patios or Decks

When you are looking for attractive railing for upper decks or patios, you also want to ensure the railings are in place correctly to help in preventing accidents. The best way to ensure that you are providing safety measures along with beauty that will last, stainless steel railings in Toronto are often chosen.

Stainless Steel Railing

There are different choices available and once you know more about the types you will be able to make an educated decision.

Stainless steel tubes are perfect for creating a modern atmosphere created from hollow tubes that are actually welded together. The choices in the size of tubes is normally between one and two inches.

Cable railings may not always look as attractive but this type of steel railing is great for stopping pets and small children from falling. The system has a top metal rail along with posts. The cables are also made from steel and normally run across underneath the handrails and the posts. This in all actuality creates a net like prevention measure. On the hand, the horizontal placements may allow burglars to enter your home, so better security measures should be taken if you choose this style of railings.

Ornamental railings created from steel are of course for decorative purposes and come in a variety of styles including posts, bottom cords, and handrails. Not of all these styles are created using steel including those using wood but with stainless steel for the pickets.

All steel railings are of course used for preventing accidents but also for security. If you decide to use high pickets these will offer much better security but they may also have sharp tips that can hurt an intruder or anyone that tries to climb over the railing. If you choose to use this type ensure the height of the points are well out of reach of climbing cats or children.

As you can see there can be many different types of railings and it is up to you as to the choices you make. If you are not sure what type of railings you want for your home or business in Toronto is always a good idea to talk with a professional that can provide you with the best solutions that meet your requirements. One such company is Complete Stainless Solutions located at 6075 Kestrel Rd., Mississauga, Ontario or you can visit their website at

Talking with a professional will help you know more about the types of steel railings as well as provide you with information regarding the laws and regulations for certain fencing in some areas.

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