Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Kids always have a lot of items: their clothes, their toys, their books and more. It is much easier to clutter the kids’ room. So parents always need to spend much time organizing their children’s room.The followings are some storage ideas for kids’ room. Read now and maybe these ideas will do you great help of keeping a clean and tidy kids’ room.

1.    A storage rack

storage rack

A storage rack behind the headboard can help your kids conveniently get the items they want. Parents can design a headboard storage rack for kids to put their magazine and books. It will help kids to form a good habit of putting their items in place before sleep. If the kids’ room is small, you can choose the concise rack.

2.    Bunk bed with a tall build-in bookcase.

bunk bed built in bookcase
If you have two kids, a bunk bed is really a great way to help save space in a room. For the headboard design, you can design it into a bookcase, which can offer storage for both your kids for placing their books and other small items.

3.    Two same bookcases on the each side of the bed.

two side bookcases
When designing the headboard storage, apart from paying attention to the proactivity, the appearance should not be neglected. When you arrange two same bookcases on each side of the bed, and collect the bookcases with a shelf, then, the headboard will form a symmetric figure.

4.    Low cabinet and hooks for kids room.

Low cabinet and hooks for kids room
You can design the cabinet height accord to your kids height in order to ensure your kids can reach the cabinet conveniently. Some kids will have some music instrument. It is really great idea to hang the instrument on the hooks.

5.    Bed connect with wardrobe and cabinet

Bed connect with wardrobe and cabinet
Separate furniture may make the room too crowed. Bed, wardrobe and cabinet connected can save much space. So this kind design is really suitable for small kids’ room.

6.    hanging cabinet

hanging cabinet
Some people also like to install a hanging cabinet upper the bed. It is a great idea to store and display knick-knacks. Actually, you can install the hanging cabinet a little far from the bed to prevent it dropping and hurting your kids.

7.    Corner shelf

Corner shelf
Parents can take advantage the corners of the room. The small cabinet and shelf are great ideas for kids to store their displays and other items.

8.    Chest of drawers
Parents also can choose a chest of drawers for their kids’ room. Just as its name refers, the chest of drawers always has several drawers to offer much storage for different items. Kids can use one drawer to store their underwear and other drawer to store socks.

Hope the upper ideas can give you some inspiration to create more storage for kids’ room.

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