The 5 Essential Tips To Help You Avoid an “Overdone” Procedure

You have probably come across cases of a “too far face” or duck lips. This usually happens when a person gets past the natural tipping point of cosmetic surgery and appears ‘plastic.’ People undergoing cosmetic surgery wish to ‘turn back the clock,’ and the goal is always to enhance their natural features and improve their overall appearance. A lot of time and money goes into cosmetic procedures, so it’s only fair that patients come out satisfied. If you are thinking of getting plastic surgery, it’s best to get it done by a board-certified surgeon such as Dr. Marina of Marina Med spa.

What are the Signs of an “Overdone” Procedure?

Windswept Look

This happens when the surgeon overstretches the face beyond its natural point, giving the patient a pulled back and unnatural look.

Visible Scars

Some patients get their procedures done by quacks who use poor techniques hence leave scars. Injectables such as fillers and botox shouldn’t leave any scars. If you happen to see this after your procedure, this is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

Pixie Ears

This is a result of too much skin traction, which ends up pulling the earlobes down, making them disappear into the cheeks.

How Do You Prevent the “Plastic” or “Overdone” Look?

Choose A Board-Certified Surgeon

You should do your homework before letting anyone touch your face. An excellent tip if you are in the US, is to look up the doctor’s credentials in the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You may also want to make sure that the surgeon’s area of expertise matches the cosmetic procedure that you intend to get.

Be Conservative

So, you have finally settled on a surgeon and plan on booking an appointment. You should follow a “less is more” approach and begin by only treating one area. This will prevent you from any disappointments in case you end up unsatisfied with the results.

Note that procedures like botox may take up to two weeks for you to see results. You should, therefore, be patient before booking a new appointment.

Cheap is Expensive

You have heard of celebrities spending a fortune on cosmetic surgery, and you may be interested in getting the same look but for low prices. My advice is, don’t do it. Avoid sketchy injectors from pop-up clinics because you may have to spend much more to correct a poorly done procedure.

Be Realistic

Every face is different, and an experienced surgeon should take into account the facial proportions and offer an individualized procedure. It’s called having an aesthetic eye. For instance, a surgeon should take into account the fact that the lower lip is larger than the upper one when injecting fillers.

Speak Up

You should always ask as many questions as you can during the consultation process. This will help shed any doubt as to whether the surgeon is the right fit for you. A good doctor will explain what to expect during the procedure and the possible side effects. Additionally, they may also caution against specific procedures if they feel that it is not safe for you.

Getting a cosmetic procedure is something that should not be done haphazardly. Before sitting on that operating chair, make sure you have all the facts that have realistic expectations. Marina Medispa performs not only cosmetic procedures but also provides mental health care for its clients, hence providing holistic treatment.

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