The Benefits Of A Shore Town Property

4525759852_04d7b3d74b_mOnly Jersey has The Shore. The Shore is a way of thinking, a mindset, and culture – not just a destination. You start going to The Shore when you are just a kid to swim, ride the amusements, fish with grandpa, and walk the boards. They have beaches elsewhere; only New Jersey has opportunities like Monmouth County real estate at The Shore.

In North Jersey, The Shore means Monmouth County real estate in places like: 

  • Sea Girt is a quaint town dating to the 19th-century. It is not so much a resort as a home-town with a beach. While the population grows during the summer months, the “visitors” tend to be Sea Girt homeowners.
  • Avon-by-the-Sea is a residential community with a year round population of 2,100. Beautiful beaches lie at the edge of a small town of single homes with a park, a pool, and a boardwalk the whole length of the town.
  • Highlands is the highest point on the east coast. Discovered by Europeans in the 16th-century, it is chuck full of history. The first sight that ships see as they approach the Port of New York, it is just a ferry ride from work in Manhattan. Unlike Manhattan, it is a town of rising cliffs and forested hills, churches and shops, schools and all the amenities of resort living.
  • Bradley Beach was once a haven for Captain Kidd. Now, it is a lovely town of 5,000 that grows to 30,000 in the summer. Rolling dunes define the beach along a paved strand for walkers, joggers, and bikers. Nice restaurants and playscapes. There are no big noisy attractions here to take away from summer’s peace.
  • Spring Lake dates to the late 19th-century. It is home to year-round residents, hundreds of shops, and magnificent homes lining the beach. If you are not a beach person, Spring Lake also is home to its huge shaded lake.

The greatest advantage of living near the beach for young and old alike is the beach itself. Easy access to the beach and ocean are a constant ready source of exercise and rejuvenation. The environment just encourages walking, biking, swimming, and relaxing. Laid back and friendly beach towns take you away from the rat race – even if it is as close as Manhattan, Philadelphia, or Trenton.

Those who live at The Shore all year long think their lives are an eternal vacation. Those who buy Monmouth County real estate for investment purposes have no trouble finding tenants and enjoying revenues from good rents.

Some people think the beach is a May through August thing. Folks on The Shore know there is no better time than Fall and Spring at the beach.

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Eric Regan is a writer who loves to see what the world has to offer. His articles have covered locations all over the globe.

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