The Best Properties To Invest In For A Big Profit

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As an investor, you are always looking for the one investment that will make you a lot of money. There is no doubt that the most profitable and effective investment is property. Whether you flip it quickly for a big profit or hold onto it for the future, you are bound to make a profit. But, what are the properties that make you the most profit and why?



Apartments are always in demand. Even when the world went through the 2008 property crash, people were still investing in apartments. The obvious reason is that people always need a place to call home, regardless of their situation. Although they may want to buy their dream house, they have to settle for what they can afford, and apartments are affordable. The result is that you have one option that will pay the bills – renters. Trendy apartments in a nice area will always attract the eye of couples or singletons looking to get away from the nest.


Buy To Let

A buy-to-let scheme has the same benefits as an apartment. The difference is that the property could be anything from a flat to a three bedroom house. Again, by agreeing to the terms of the sale, you will have a steady stream of money for rent on the property. The money can go towards your monthly mortgage payments or it can go in your back pocket. The result is that you have more income than you do expenditures. Buy-to-lets are also good investments because they attract attention from other buyers. Due to their popularity, another investor may come and take the property off your hands for a tidy profit in the future.


Water Front Properties

As any expert will tell you, snap up waterfront real estate wherever possible. Why are waterfront properties popular? The answer is that waterfront housing has everything that a buyer wants in a property. They are trendy and modern, so they are a great place to live and call home. But, more importantly, they are by the ocean or a river. The scenic views and the location can easily add tens of thousands onto a property. As long as you have the money, and you don’t overpay, you will never struggle to offload a waterfront property.


A Derelict Building

As honesty is the best policy, derelict buildings will undoubtedly cause you a lot of trouble. They can consume every aspect of an investor’s life until they are completed. There are so many problems that need taking care of, and it is unrealistic to think you can plan for everyone. However, they are cheap. And, the renovation cost won’t be too extreme. In the end, you can save a fortune transforming a property into the finished article instead of buying it outright. You have to be ready to speculate to accumulate and spend a lot of your time and energy getting the job done. But, in the end, it can be well worth the hassle.

The best real estate investments are the ones that will make money on the balance of probabilities. After all, you can never be certain that any investment will come good.

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