The Importance Of Proper Gas Line Maintenance And Repair

Believe it or not but natural gas has been used as a source of energy for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the early 1800s, however, that people started to use it in their homes.

Fast forward to today and it’s used for a number of things from heating buildings to cooking food.

As great as natural gas may be, however, it does come with risks. For one thing, there’s always a chance that it can leak out from the pipes!

That’s why gas line maintenance is so important. Want to learn more about how that works? If so, be sure to read the rest of the post!

What Are Gas Lines?

Gas lines are pipes that connect a gas appliance to a natural gas source. Generally speaking, this “source” is a meter that’s installed on your property.

Assuming that you have multiple gas appliances, you’ll have multiple lines running through your home. Without them, there would be no way for you to use these devices.

Dangers of Neglected Gas Lines

Like most things, gas lines need maintenance. The last thing that you want is for them to rupture without you knowing!

This can lead to leaks, which can result in poisoning, fires, even explosions. This is not surprising—after all, natural gas is extremely flammable.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Natural gas is invisible and odorless. However, there are signs that you can look out for.

You might notice a smell of rotten eggs or sulfur, a hissing sound near a gas line, or bubbles in the water. If you have houseplants, they might wither up and die.

Another thing to pay attention to is your bill. With a gas leak, chances are, it’ll be higher than normal.

Physical Symptoms From a Gas Leak

Oxygen will be reduced as natural gas leaks into the air. This can lead to various symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, breathing difficulties, headache, irritation to the eyes, or chest pains.

Keep in mind that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can lead to similar symptoms. For this reason, you should always have a CO detector in your home.

Importance of Gas Line Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for gas lines to become corroded over time. Connections can also weaken due to changes in weather.

For this reason, you always want to keep up with your maintenance and repairs. Remember, the gas lines that run from the meter to your house are your responsibility.

Don’t try to do it yourself, though. Always hire a licensed professional such as those at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Maintaining Your Gas Lines

Hopefully, that gives you a better idea as to why gas line maintenance is so important. Remember, leaks are not always obvious. The best way to prevent them is with proper maintenance and repair!

Do you have anything that you’d like to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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