The International Appeal Of The Georgian Window

Outlining the Georgian Window

Georgian windows offer a style that is near impossible to match in terms of the grandeur it provides to your home. Synonymous with the grand housing of the monarchy of the 18th and early 19th centuries, these windows have been a staple of British architecture for hundreds of years with good reason.

The definitive characteristic of Georgian architecture is the prevalent symmetrical theme that runs from its brickwork to its grid-like window structure. This design named for the British kings throughout its prosperous years became so prevalent that they became effectively an export, as Georgian design took hold across many unexpected areas of the globe…

American Georgian

So popular was Georgian architecture that it was widely disseminated into colonies and particularly North America which for a time during the Georgian influx was under British rule. As such many grand estates and manors where built in the Georgian style. So powerful was the influence of Georgian design that many of the United States top universities such as Yale in Connecticut were and still are of Georgian structure and design.

Edinburgh Georgian

Declared a national heritage site as of 1995 the New Town of Edinburgh (capital of Scotland) was planned and built during the height of the Georgian period. Having a population that vastly over-reached its capacity, plans were drawn up to create a New Town of grand design that better reflected the enlightened and educated persona of the burgeoning capital.

This resulted in an upscale collage of spectacular Georgian design and the draining of the polluted Nor Lock to eventually become Princes Street Gardens. The Georgian construction was however, intended to suit the wealthy. While many of Edinburgh’s elite left for the grand houses of the New Town, the poor were left to the run-down Old Town for many years after.

Jamaican Georgian

In a less elitist turn for the Georgian design, Jamaica very famously took hold of this classic architecture and put its own unique twist on it. Taking the basic principal of Georgian design and Georgian windows, the style was utilized at all levels of society from grand public buildings to the simple domestic dwellings.

Of course due to the climate, several practical liberties were taken with the Georgian design to make it more palatable to the Jamaican people. However, it still maintains the classic regal symmetry and Georgian windows of even the earliest styles.

Nigel Dempster has fitted countless Georgian windows. Many in classic and even contemporary design.

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