The Secret to Long-term Hair Removal

Tired of shaving your hair traditionally every time you are called to a date? Worry no more because at Peach Medical Group based in Tucson laser hair removal is done professionally by a board-certified team, using the latest laser technology and techniques.

About Peach Medical Group

Located in Yuma, AZ, and Tucson, AZ, Peach Medical Group is a practice based on the foundation of giving you the best when it comes to matters of appearance. You can forget all your worries when you visit the clinic because you will be attended to by a professional team that guarantees you healthy and smooth skin.

Hair removal is just one of the services that Peach Medical Group provides using the latest technology, that is, Triple Pulse® Laser Technology.

Laser Hair Removal at Peach Medical Group

Laser hair removal is one of the long-term proven techniques that guarantee hair does not grow back for approximately several months. At Peach Medical Group, Triple Pulse® Technology is used to remove unwanted hair on the body except for eyes.

Triple Pulse® Laser hair removal works best in people who are relatively lighter-skinned because art diode technology enables the seeking out of color in the root of the hair, which is subsequently destroyed by an intense beam of laser rays.

When you visit Peach Medical Group, you are guaranteed excellent laser hair removal services, and, if you are not satisfied, the procedure can be repeated.

Seven Amazing Advantages of Laser Hair Removal at Peach Medical Group

Peach Medical Group, being a specialist practice at hair removal, has unique factors that make it the best. The advantages of laser hair removal at Peach Medical Group include;

  1. Availability of a wide range of lasers for different skin tones
  2. Triple Pulse® Technology ensures treatment is three times as effective
  3. Payment is convenient for the client and is made monthly
  4. Availability of licensed and professional team
  5. The practice is open after work hours and on weekends
  6. The appointments given are scheduled to your convenience
  7. If unsatisfied the treatment can be redone

What You Should Expect When You Book an Appointment at Peach Medical Group

Ensuring your comfort before the laser hair removal procedure begins is core to the practitioners. After relaxing, laser beams are used to target unwanted hair for removal. A handheld device creates a vacuum which raises and stretches the skin. Another handheld cooling device is also used to emit energy to the hair and cool down the skin. All in all, the procedure is short and has minimal discomfort.

If you are looking to have hair removed in small areas of the body like upper lip, underarms, or chin, then the laser hair removal procedure might take 5-10 minutes. If you want laser hair removal done on areas of the body such as back and legs, then the process will take less than 30 minutes.

Book online or contact the Peach Medical Group to get your groove back!

8 Other Crucial Services Offered at Peach Medical Group

Below are other services offered at Peach Medical Group meant to improve your appeal;

  1. Scar resurfacing
  2. Acne removal
  3. Dark spots removal
  4. Lip fillers
  5. Cheek fillers
  6. Botox & Xeomin fillers
  7. Tattoo removal
  8. Intense pulsed light

Call, book online, or walk in to Peach Medical Group offices based in Yuma, AZ, and Tucson, AZ, and get the transformative appearance you have always wanted!

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