The Unique Beauty of Ikat Quilts

Ikat quilts are a beautiful addition to any home. Their striking and unique beauty is sure to attract many compliments for the home owner. Besides compliments from others, you yourself will also get to enjoy the remarkable beauty and elegance of the ikat patterned quilt on a day to day basis. This will surely have a positive and mood-lifting effect on your life!

ikat quiltsWhat is Ikat?

Many people have recently discovered the beauty of ikat textiles and the pattern has become somewhat of a fashion craze in the last few years. If you are not yet familiar with it, though, here is a little background for you. Ikat is a patterned fabric of Indonesian origin that is subjected to a “resist dyeing” process on the yarns prior to weaving the fabric. This process is done by a skilled craftsperson who binds the differently colored strands into a beautiful pattern on the finished textile. Because of the extreme difficulty involved in getting each strand precisely placed, ikat fabrics often have a “blurry” visual effect that has come to be prized by many collectors. There are several different methods adopted to create different types of traditional ikat including warp ikat, weft ikat, and double ikat.

Modern Ikat

Of course, most modern ikat prints are merely inspired by this traditional style. An authentic ikat is produced by hand by a skilled craftsperson and is therefore quite expensive. It is also primarily manufactured in central Asia, Japan (where it is known as “Kasuri”), Africa and Latin America thus making it hard for people in other areas to obtain. The imitation of ikat patterns through modern techniques/methods like screen printing or even machine weaving makes the beauty of ikat available to all at an affordable price.

Ikat Quilts

Ikat quilts are a beautiful and comfortable way to bring that ancient central Asian art form into your home with a statement piece that is decidedly on-trend. Ikat materials are wrapped around luxuriously soft and snug cotton padding to produce a snuggly, warm quilt for your bedroom, living room, or anywhere in the home. These ikat quilts are a pleasure to both the eye and the body, as they have a beautiful look but are also immensely comfortable. You may even find yourself having a difficult time prying yourself out of bed in the morning- that is, if it weren’t for the energizing nature of the brightly colored and cheery ikat design.


Where to Buy

There are many places to buy these beautiful ikat quilts because they are so popular right now. You may walk into any store that sells bedding materials and find that they have a few options available. The best way to get a wide variety of options including price quotes is to shop online. You might be amazed at all the different color combinations, patterns, and designs that are available for an ikat quilt! There really are styles to go with any decor and any taste. You could spend an entire day just picking out the perfect ikat quilt, but whatever you choose- you can’t really go wrong!

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