Things to Know Before Your First Gyno Appointment

Every woman has to visit a gynecologist at some point. Even though the appointments are not pleasant, they are essential for maintaining your health. The first gyno exam is scary for most women. The thought of having to expose your most intimate parts and discussing sensitive topics with a stranger can be intimidating. However, the appointment does not need to be difficult. Wallace McLean OBGYN recommends that you find a doctor who can help you feel comfortable and get past the uneasiness. The following are some of the most important things to know before your appointment.

You may not need a pelvic exam if you are under 21 years of age

Medical professionals will perform a physical test after an OB/GYN test regardless of your age. They will check your weight, height, and blood pressure.

During the first visit, your OB/GYN may not necessarily perform a pelvic exam. They are unlikely to check your reproductive organs unless you are already sexually active. If you are 21 or older, you will get a pelvic exam and Pap test. The doctor will check your uterus for abnormalities that may indicate cervical cancer. They may perform a breast exam as well.

Expect to Talk

Your first gyno exam will be a lot, like any other doctor’s visit. Your OB/GYN will talk to you about your medical history, sexual health, and concerns. They may ask how long you have been sexually active, how many partners you have had, and if you have ever had any sexually transmitted infections. You have to provide honest answers. Your OB/GYN understands that you may be nervous, and they may help you relax.

You can talk to them about your concerns if you have any. They may also answer questions about pain during sex, irregular periods, and reproductive health.

Your Looks Don’t Matter

Even though it is reasonable to feel self-conscious when you are about to expose your body to a doctor, they do not care about the appearance of your body. Their evaluation of you is strictly medical, and they have seen it all. All you need to do is observe proper grooming habits. You don’t need to douche or use perfume in your private areas, as they may irritate you. Don’t be worried about discharge or being on your period.

You Can Bring a Friend

If you are nervous or worried about your first appointment, most doctors will allow you to bring a friend or relative for support.

Know Your Medical History

You should know about your personal and family medical history before showing up for your first appointment. You OB/GYN will ask about your medical conditions, if any, previous surgeries, and the medication you’re on. If you may have trouble remembering, consider writing it down.

In conclusion, seeing an OB/GYN does not need to be an uncomfortable experience. With the right preparation, it can be an empowering experience. Before your first appointment, know what to expect and prepare accordingly. Consider working with an OB/GYN who helps you feel comfortable.

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