Tips for the transportation of the items to your new house

Moving is an essential process in each of us. If it is the first time you make a home change, you have many things to consider about what a furniture transport means. The detailed organization of all things is essential, and I will try to detail the top 8 things you need to keep in mind if you want a smooth and stress-free move. Don’t forget you can always reach out to professional movers.


These are the easiest to lose or to misplace. It is best to add them all in one file, so you do not have any difficulty finding an important document. The data must include, as the case may be, the employment contract, the contract of sale or purchase of the dwelling or the rental, the utility bills from the old house, the utility contracts for the new housing, the medical records, the bank rates, the furniture inventory you want to transfer it to the new home, payment documents, etc. Consider how you get to the new house during your move. If you move out of town and you will not go with your car, put the transport documents in the same file as ticket, train or bus, hotel or restaurant reservations, etc.

Additional protection materials

If you personally handle packing things that will be moved, it’s a good idea to have some extra protection materials to make sure they will not remain unprotected. What is important to buy for optimal packaging are the following: adhesive tape, cardboard boxes, raffia bags or packing bags, cloth wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and stretch film. In most cases, we underestimate the amount of packaging material needed, and the most common consumables that are immediately exhausted are the boxes and bags. Since all things are placed in cabinets and drawers, it is challenging to estimate the need for materials. So make sure you have reservations if unpacked items remain. More about packing the goods here.


It is necessary to know where you kept the medicine box on day of your move or the days after the move, especially if you or another family member is being treated. You also need medication for stress, cold or allergies in the box. It is an excellent time to order drugs and to throw them out.

Hygiene products

Do not forget to pack a box of essential things such as toothpaste and toothbrush, shower gel, shaving machine, and shaving foam, shampoo and conditioner, wet napkins, antiperspirant, toilet paper, towels, dryers hair and other cosmetics you use daily. If you move out of town and have a considerable distance, make sure that you have at your disposal a range of exchange clothes for each member of your family.

The kids

For a smoother transition to new changes, it’s important to know that they have everything they need at their fingertips, such as their favorite toys, snacks, and drinks when they’re hungry or thirsty.

Do not forget about pets

Check if you have a box of food and water bowls, and your leash, botnet or favorite toys. Moving to a new place is also stressful for animals, so do not forget to pay attention in the next period.

Preparing your home before your departure

It is good to store all your luggage in one place so you can clean before leaving. Since you move the furniture, it is enough to put the vacuum cleaner and wash the floor.

Food and beverages

Especially if you move to another city, it is good to have a sandbag, snack, and water for the road. Even if the move of the furniture takes place in the same town, it is good to prepare these things in order not to waste time finding a store to supply the necessary ones.

It’s not easy to decide what to pack first and what things you might need on the day of your move. Even if each transport of furniture has its own features, this list is suitable for any person because each of us needs the above for an easy move.

Moving with children

It is more difficult to move with children than when you are alone or in a couple. You have to deal with the entire organization of the move, but you have to make sure that this will not hurt your child.

Below we present some ideas to help you reduce the stress of your children before and after moving to a new home, whether it’s a national move or an international move.

Before moving

Talk to your kids ever since you decided to move. It’s important to give them time to get used to the idea, and so reduce your chances of getting upset.

Eliminate any doubt and give them all the answers. Even if you do not have all your answers ready, at least you can find out what it feels about moving to another place. You can rest assured that everything will be good and talk to them about what opportunities they have in the new home you choose to move.

Engage children in the organization of furniture transport. It’s the best way to keep them busy and not have too much time to think about the friends they leave behind or to create fears about the new school they are going to go to. If you have not found a suitable home yet, you can take them to the viewers, so they feel involved.

Go with one or two weeks to your new home. Before moving the furniture, visit the children to the new house, meet the neighbors and walk around. It’s the best way to show them the new environment and the benefits they offer, as well as getting used to the place.

After the move

Let the teens decorate their rooms themselves. This method is perfect for making children feel more involved and more comfortable in the new home.

Drive your children to school. This is the most prominent challenge children face, a new school where they have to adapt and make new friends. In the first few weeks, give them special attention and try to remove their fears.

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