Tips For Moving From University Residence To A Shared House

If you’re a University of Toronto student living in campus housing, you may need to find a new home before the end of the term. There are many reasons why moving off campus is a great idea. Here’s why you should rent a shared house and some tips for hiring the best movers for the job.

Reasons to Live Off-Campus

The number one reason for moving off University of Toronto grounds is freedom. There’s no security monitoring when you come and go each night; no more forgotten ID badge or fumbling to get it out of your pocket while juggling your pizza boxes. Also, no more specific quiet hours, so having multiple friends over late into the night isn’t an issue.

Another reason to move off campus is to save money. Campus housing costs a small fortune and is only available a few months out of the year. Why not put your money towards a space that’s open year-round and save some cash? You can put that extra money towards a professional mover.

Tips to Hire Movers

When moving to a shared home, you can ask your buddies to help and pay with pizza and beer, but it’s smarter to go with a company that will insure your items and move you more efficiently. Plus, your pizza loving buddies won’t we hanging around your place all night trying to get more free beer for their labour.

First of all, don’t hire movers until you check their background and customer history. Do this by looking them up on the Better Business Bureau website. If they have a lot of negative claims, find another company. Also, check for any awards they might have won. If they have a great reputation, it means they’re not ripping off their customers. Rent a Son is an example of a Toronto-based company with a good reputation that can help you move, you can visit the Rent a Son blog to a get a sense of what the company is all about.

Also, ask potential movers about their estimates and fees. Find out if estimates are binding and what services will add extra costs onto the bill. Read any contracts you are issued and get all offered quotes in writing so that they don’t pull a fast one on you. Summer is the most popular time for Canadians to move, so costs may be higher, however, the current market has made services more affordable, so you should be able to afford a quality mover even in early June.  Just plan ahead for the best prices.

Something else you’ll want to take into consideration when you hire movers is what type of services you might need. Some movers will do all the packing for you for an additional fee. This way everything is packed safely and professionally, but you’ll have to factor in a higher cost for packaging materials then if you were doing it alone.

Moving into a shared house after campus housing can be exciting and beneficial for many reasons, not the least of all cheaper rent. Put that money towards professional movers for a fast and easy move, but be sure you do your research beforehand.

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