Tips to Arrange Your Office Furniture

Everyone has their own unique idea of what they want their workplace to look like. Some people prefer to have a rather corporate-looking, formal office with furniture that complements that tone, whereas others want a more casual look to it so that they can feel at home. No matter what your preference, the basic purpose of arranging your office furniture is the same and that is to provide a productive yet comfortable place for you to work. This purpose doesn’t just hold true for new offices being set up but also for existing offices requiring renovation and home-based ones.

There are certain things that one needs to keep in consideration when arranging office furniture. Here are some of our best tips on the topic of office arrangement:

What is the Goal?

Before you get started, it is important to know the purpose of arranging/rearranging your office furniture. Often times, one changes the look of their office to meet certain business needs. Once you are clear on the purpose or reason for arranging the furniture, you can arrange it in a way that ensures that purpose is fulfilled.

For example, the goal of rearranging furniture could be to make the office look more welcoming to your clients or visitors. In this case, you will have to rearrange the layout so that it is more accommodating for clients. You could set up a reception area and seating arrangement where they can be greeted and then asked to wait.

Another reason could be to maximize productivity. This rearrangement may just include adding more workstations and cubicles or even spacing them out so that employees can have better focus and increased productivity.

Many times the purpose is simply to make the workplace more aesthetically pleasing. This goal is often an all-in-one goal that aims to impress the clients, maximize productivity and also give the place a more professional vibe to improve its overall brand image and culture.

What Size is the Office Space and How Big is the Furniture?

Once you have decided on the goal, you need to start looking at the kind of space and furniture that you are dealing with. Start with measuring the space and compare it against the size of the furniture that you are planning to place in it. A simple way to measuring each office room is by measuring the walls in length and width and then multiplying both of them together.

After you have an idea of the size of your space, you should start thinking about which items of furniture will go in each room and what needs to be discarded. If you are working on setting up/renovating the whole office in one go, it is best to focus on one room at a time and move on to the next once it is completely ready. If you are rearranging furniture, you might find some items that are no longer needed. Such items can be sold if they are in good condition for some additional income.

Once you know which furniture is meant for which room in the office, you can start making plans about what goes where in each room and visualize how you want the space to look before you actually get move the furniture in and set it up.

Make Your Desk a Priority

Your desk is more or less the backbone of your entire office. It is the place where all the work happens. You need to know where you want to put it and it is important to choose wisely.

Think of its positioning while keeping all your goals in mind. For example, if your goal is to increase productivity then you might want to place the desk around electrical outlets for easy access to the internet and charging ports. Another preference might be to position it next to a window or open door in order to have access to natural light.

Other things that need to be considered when trying to figure where to place the desk can be the access it has to equipment, supplies, and stationery. For example, a good idea would be to place your desk around your printer, scanner and other computer-related machinery to be able to work without having to get up every now and then. For the same reason, you might also want to have a cabinet near the desk to be able to easily reach out and get the files and folders you need. Easy access is key!

Make Sure You Have Chairs for Clients

When rearranging your office, it is important to ensure there is ample space and enough chairs for your clients or visitors. Be it for formal meetings or casual visitors, one needs to have a certain number of extra chairs around the office. Some of these chairs should be set around your desk as well. Basically, your desk should be the center point to every other piece of furniture as well as all the supplies that you would be needing on a regular basis.

You can set just one chair across your desk for a client; you can have three or you can even choose to have a separate round table and make it into a proper meeting setting. It all depends on what you have in mind, functionally as well as aesthetically.

The final word

Your office and its arrangement speak a lot about you. The personality and vibe of the office are often considered yours as well so make sure you arrange it in a way that represents your company culture and works ethic. Happy decorating!

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