Tips To Burglarproof Doors

home securityYour home is your responsibility. In order to protect yourself from burglaries, presented here are certain tips on how to burglarproof your door. These tips are not just random suggestions collected from the internet, but are based on real life experiences.

1. The first step is of course to ensure that you have an alarm system installed from a good company. Nowadays, good alarms have security cameras which can be controlled and utilized through your computer. If you have not installed the alarm yet, do it the first thing tomorrow.

2. Next, you should see that you have a strong door with a strong lock in place. The door should not be a hollow one, something that can be easily broken. Hollow doors merely have a veneer covering over a cardboard core, so you should make sure that a solid material like solid wood, or wooden core beneath the veneer surface, or metallic doors are in place. While installing metallic doors, you should be careful as well because these doors can be twisted out of their frames using a mere car jack. Make sure that the metallic door has a lock block and is reinforced from inside. Speaking of the use of car jack and other implements, you should not forget to lock your garage with strong locks every night. Burglars often have the tendency to steal implements from the garage and use them to break into the house. If you are installing a fiber glass door, try to install one that opens outwards and not inwards. This prevents forced entry to a large extent. In addition, the security hinges are the answer to the question how to burglarproof your door.

3. If there’s a window beside the door through which the burglar can gain access to the lock from inside, make the necessary arrangements so that this is not possible. Installing steel frames in the window instead of having a glass window is a better option.

4. The letterbox slot on the door, if any, should be well protected from inside. Make sure that you have a cage in the inside of the letterbox slot. Burglars often put in a long stick through the letter box to steal the keys of the house. This should not be happening with you. In case, you do not want to encase the letter box, see that the house keys are inaccessible in any way through the letterbox slot.

5. Treat your side doors with equal importance. You should make ample security arrangements for the side doors as well, so that the burglars cannot break in through it.

6. If you have sliding glass doors, then make sure that a security grille or grate is installed on the outside of the glass door for optimum protection. If a security grille looks unaesthetic over a glass door, then you can have a clear and unbreakable polycarbonate panel installed on the inside to ensure security.

Hopefully, these suggestions on how to burglarproof your door would be useful to you in the long run.

Carla Smith loves to blog about home decors, plumbing tips and security systems. This article was written on behalf of Ken’s Yard

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