Tips to Buy Wholesale Door Locks Online

If you buy the right door locks for your home, it protects your belongings and family members. There are different types of door locks to suit different requirements and budget.

Get a professional locksmith to inspect your home and suggest the right door lock for your home. You can also enlist the help of police personnel in your area. They usually know what goes around in your area, what works for your home or suits your budget and requirement, etc. After all, locksmiths work with locks day in and day out. Who would know better than them?

You can research for options at a hardware store locally, or online. There are stores that sell wholesale door locks online. These locks are listed and graded according to the guidelines issued by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The wholesale door locks are graded from Grade 1 – 3, with one being the most durable, in terms of material reliability and functioning. If you are unsure, you could check the BHMA site or the website you are planning to buy locks from, to know about the lock you are looking to purchase.

Do you know a few locks can come with strike plates and longer 3” screws for reinforced protection to resist greater force? If this option isn’t available, check the description for bolstering option that offers protection against burglary attempt. You could check the wholesale door locks site doorjamb reinforcement kits. They can be fit into existing doorjamb for reinforcement of striking points – strike, hinges and edge of doors). Installing doorjamb makes the door more powerful and reinforced.

Have you heard about Slip Bolt or Spring Latch locks? They’re less expensive, easy to install and offer less protection. This is a vulnerable lock and can be opened with a few devices, other than its key! Also, it could be smashed with extra force (hammer), making your home an easy target for burglars. However, adding metal plate reinforcement could help in averting this. Deadbolt lock locks the door to the frame and requires manual effort to move it from its place – key. It has three key components – key, thumb-turn and throw. They’re usually made of bronze, reinforced steel, or brass. A vertical deadbolt offers better resistance and considered ideal, when compared to a horizontal deadbolt lock.

In some states, installing locks that need keys to open from within is banned. Such details are generally known to locksmith, or security personnel, or listed in wholesale door locks site for information as a customer’s guide, for buying right door locks. Nowadays, keyless entry door locks are also available with ability to open them wirelessly. If you prefer keyless doors, you could check if they’re suitable for your budget and requirements. Basically, the door lock you buy, determines the level of protection. The right door lock is best research online, or in the wholesale door locks site you are planning to buy your locks from.

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