Tips To Maintain Leather Furniture

If you have a sofa or leather lounge suites, you have a treasure at home. Such pieces squander beauty and elegance, no matter what style it is. Today we’ll share tricks and trips that will come in handy to keep your leather furniture as new for a long time.

Leather is a noble and resistant material, which can last a long time without losing even a hint of its natural beauty. Of course, it is important to take good care of it. With the recommendations that we tell you below, you will get to have your leather furniture as new.

They only need minimal care to stay in perfect condition. One of the qualities of leather is the magnificent way in which it ages. Time passes and these pieces are more beautiful every day. Take notes and, from now on, don’t forget to give your leather sofa the love and pampering it needs.

Declare war on dust

As in each and every one of the objects and furniture you have in your home, dust deposits on leather sofas and armchairs. To clean them, the first thing you should do is remove dust, a task that you will have to repeat frequently if you don’t want to sit on a dirty sofa.

When you go to dust your sofa or leather chair, choose carefully the utensil with which you are going to do it. Forget about abrasive brushes or rough cloths. Use only a clean, dry cloth, and try to make it very soft. The microfiber cloths or cotton will be perfect for the mission. If your sofa has difficult stains you can rub gently with the slightly damp cloth, never wet.

You already know that dust hurts your sofa. The one that you have bought with so much effort and for which you are willing to fight until the end. Well, to remove dust from the face of your sofa, there’s nothing like using the vacuum cleaner every now and then.

Attach the soft brush attachment to your vacuum nozzle and put it to work. Dedicate yourself to vacuuming every square centimeter as if there were no tomorrow, and do not leave a clean speck. Don’t forget to vacuum the slits and folds of the sofa. At those points, it is where more dust accumulates. If you have a Chester-style piece of furniture, pay special attention to the upholstery buttons.

Use specific products for leather

Use specific products for leather

In the fight against stains on your leather sofa, you can’t fall for using a common product. It is true that neutral soap goes well for almost any material. However, to remove leather stains it is better to buy a specific cleaner. It is the best way to clean dirt and grease that has been able to absorb without spoiling it.

Keep in mind that the best thing to prevent a stain from permanently staying on your sofa, chair or armchair, is to clean it as soon as possible. So, if you spill a glass of water, dry it immediately with paper towels or an absorbent cloth. If you have dropped another type of liquid, rub with some special detergent. This way you will have your leather furniture like new.

Nourishing and protection

To ensure that your leather furniture is always beautiful and well maintained, it is important that you nurture them. You have probably read that you can do it by applying some body moisturizer on the leather. In our opinion, it is better to use a special product for leather, either an oil or a suitable wax.

Are you going to risk the beauty of your sofa using homemade tricks? If you are determined to try the moisturizing milk recipe, do it first in an inconspicuous place to make sure there are no spots left and that the result is as expected. When your furniture is clean and shiny, you can use a leather protector that will make sofas and armchairs get less dirty and are in perfect condition much longer.

Search for the best site

You can’t hide it. Your leather sofa is the apple of your eye, and you want it to be in the best spot in your living room. Well, it is very important that you choose a good location for it, but not only for it to become the center of all attention, but also to protect it.

Don’t think about putting it under the air conditioning jet if you don’t want the leather to dry out. Nor should you place it too close to a radiator or fireplace. Even if you like it by the window, try not to give it direct sunlight.

How to remove stains

When a piece of furniture is used daily, it is inevitable that sooner or later it will stain. The skin, due to its properties, must be treated carefully when removing stains. You can clean easy stains with homemade products by following a few simple tips, but to clean more complicated stains on specially treated skins, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer before applying any product. Remember that you should only do the following cleaning while the stain is still recent.


Remove excess ink with a white paper towel. Just be careful not to spread the stain. With the cotton swab apply mild liquid soap and water. If you still can’t remove the ink, apply some alcohol with another swab, trying not to touch the stain-free surface. Clean with a soft damp cloth.


Do not use water to remove grease stains on your leather furniture. Just wipe with a dry cloth before it dries. You can apply talcum powder on the stain and leave it on for 5 minutes – this will absorb the excess fat. Clean with a soft dry cloth.

Chewing gum

Rub the chewing gum with a plastic bag with ice to harden it and remove it carefully. For waste, heat the area with a hairdryer in the lowest possible power. Slowly rub the chewing gum with a soft dry cloth.

Dark spots

For dark spots, such as food or bloodstains, use a soft cloth dampened with water and liquid soap. Carve the stain carefully, trying not to spread it or touch the clean area. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary, but make sure you always use a clean cloth. Let it dry in a ventilated place.


You should treat wine stains quickly to avoid coloring your furniture. Remove excess wine with a dry soft cloth but do not rub. Use a paper towel without design in other colors with a little hydrogen peroxide, pressing to remove the wine and avoiding rubbing. Try not to touch the stain-free parts of your furniture with hydrogen peroxide. You can apply a little baking soda on the stain to absorb any residues. Clean with a soft damp cloth.


It may seem tedious, but if you follow these recommendations and put into practice the tips that we have given you in this article, it will leave your leather furniture like new for a long, long time. Or even prettier than the first day.

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