Tips to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is a significant project. Not only will you spend thousands on the renovation itself, but you must also consider all the attendant costs. For example, if your child survives asthma, you may need to book a hotel to prevent the dust from aggravating their condition. That is why you should also budget for these peripheral expenses and not only consider the figure quoted by the contractor.

According to Remodeling magazine, a mid-range kitchen remodel would cost homeowners around $66,000. If you insist on using upscale materials, your budget could easily exceed $100,000.

Nevertheless, you already decided to tear down your kitchen to replace it with a design that suits your taste. A custom kitchen renovation will take from six weeks to 12 weeks to complete. So, here are some survival tips to get you through this crucial period:

  1. The obvious option is to set up a makeshift kitchen somewhere around the house so you can still cook. You are lucky if you have an outdoor kitchen that you can use. You can move your refrigerator so your food would not spoil. If you have a movable stove, you can set that up somewhere, too.
  2. Disposable plates and utensils — They will make your life easier, especially since you do not have a dishwasher, or even a sink, while you are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. You can throw away the paper plates and plastic utensils after eating. Alternatively, you can eat out, so you do not have to worry about cleaning up after every meal.
  3. Set up a makeshift dining area — If you do not have space anymore inside the house, try eating in the backyard. It can be a rewarding experience for your family to dine out underneath the stars. However, you also have to factor in the weather. A temporary roof can be an option. But if you have no other choice, then it is every person for themselves. They can get food and find a comfortable spot to eat.
  4. Dust and noise will be your new normal — If you do not have enough money to book a hotel or if you cannot stay with the parents, then prepare for dust and noise becoming a part of your routine. Make sure to wear face masks, especially the children, to prevent dust from getting into your lungs. The noise, however, can be drowned with powerful headphones. In most cases, however, the children are in school, and the parents are at work while the contractors finish the kitchen remodel.
  5. Avoid micromanaging — if you hire a contractor, trust that they will do their job correctly. Being worked up on all the little problems will only add to your stress. Learn how to give up control and suspend your judgment until the contractor finishes the job.

When do you eat out, you have to factor it into your budget. How many times a week do you planned to eat out? How much are you spending per meal? Then you add it up while computing the estimated number of days your kitchen is out of commission. Also, you cannot expect that the construction costs will stay on budget. There may be cost overruns or delays that will drive up the expenses. Prepare at least 20% more on the quoted figure by the contractor.

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