Top 10 Tips to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal

When it comes to purchasing a house, homebuyers do judge a book by its cover. The house exterior plays a crucial role in forming a positive first impression on potential buyers.

Are you planning to sell your house? If you want the top price for your home, here are some upgrades to improve your home’s overall curb appeal.

1. Sort-out landscaping

Overgrown bushes and shrubbery are instant curb appeal killers. Well-planned landscaping is one of the easiest and quickest ways to beautify your house. With the help of landscaping you can significantly control the appearance of your house. Skillfully done landscaping will complement your house and show off its best features.

2. Upgrade entrance gate

If you don’t have an entrance gate, consider installing one. An entrance gate adds depth and can make a small outdoor space appear bigger.

However, if you have a rusted, rickety gate, now is the time to upgrade it. Instead of an outdated metal gate, you can go for an automated gate that also allows entry control and safety. Security is one of the top features home buyers consider while looking at homes.

For bespoke metal gates and gate automation, get in touch with RS Engineering.

3. Fix driveway

The driveway is literally the path that leads up to your home. A cracked, dirt-encrusted driveway won’t impress potential buyers.

Rent a power washer or hire professionals to thoroughly remove dirt, grime and mould from your driveway.

If just power washing won’t suffice, involve professionals to repair and spruce up your driveway.

4. Install outdoor lightning

A dark and dingy space never feels inviting. Invest in good outdoor lighting that can do wonders for your exteriors. Lighting is one of the most convenient ways to glam up your house.

Your outdoor lighting should include modern lights on the porch, garden lights within your landscaping and lighting to highlight architectural features.

5. Replace exterior hardware

Old, rusted hardware might seem charming but in reality, it’s hardly snazzy or functional. You can’t overlook these little details that can significantly reduce your home’s curb appeal.

Replace your door handles, mailbox, doorbells, knocker and other hardware with newer designs. Choose the design depending on the style of your house.

6. Repaint front door

Unarguably, the front door is the centre of attraction. This is why it’s important to revive your dull front door with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t shy from bold, vibrant colours.

However, a dated door does nothing for your home. Rather than salvaging it, replace it with a modern door for a noticeable appearance boost.

7. Front Porch

The front porch is an extension of your front door that welcomes visitors. Your porch should be able to paint a picture of relaxation and family time. For this purpose, you can install a deck, coffee seating and swings.

8. Flower power

Who doesn’t like blooming blossoms? From your garden, windows to the front porch, plant flowers wherever you can. This is a quick and affordable way to give your home a colourful and welcoming touch.

9. Spotless windows

Dirty, grimy windows won’t do anything for your exteriors or interiors. Don’t underestimate the power of spotless windows. You can easily do it yourself or hire a professional to thoroughly clean and wipe your windows. Clean windows allow plenty of natural light, which is one of the key factors buyers note.

10. Repair roofing & gutters

Roofing and gutter systems are important elements of your house. If your roof and gutter systems are old and giving out, replace them.

However, if they were replaced recently, just get them properly cleaned to eliminate any dirt or rubbish build-up.

Exterior upgrades are a smart way to prepare your home for sale and assure a good deal. Hopefully, these tips help you gussy up your home exteriors for buyers.

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