Top 5 Kitchen Trends For 2013

kitchen trendsThe New Year often brings the desire to make changes within the home and garden. But if you aren’t so savvy on what is the ‘next big thing’ then you may want to read on to find out what will be some of the biggest trends of 2013. Whether you are looking for small touches or drastic changes, we have some ideas that may just take your fancy.


1. Space Saving cabinets:
There are various ways to save space within the kitchen via different cabinets and storage solutions, but what is going to be the style trend? Well, with so many different styles to choose from simple contemporary cabinets are going to be big this year. Clean lines will be suited to those wanting a fresh look to their kitchen with minimal fuss and detail.


2. Open space & worktops:
The kitchen is the main room for entertaining guests, so you want to create space that allows people to chat while you cook. Open work tops and plenty of space provide the perfect environment for people to congregate as well as giving you an additional hand when you need it. Choose worktops that are durable but fit in with the style of the year.


3. Back to Nature materials:
Stone and glass are big materials for the kitchen in 2013, with splashbacks being one of the predicted trends. Gloss and lacquer finishes are supposed to be another trend; but be aware they can show up scratches easily so are not ideal for many working kitchens.


4. Sink Solutions:
Although many people have electrical appliances that do the washing up for them these days, the kitchen sink and cooker are still focal points of a kitchen. Rather than the more modern double sinks, a deeper, wider single sink option is coming back in and is sure to be trending in most new kitchens over the next 12 months.


5. Environmentally Friendly:
Being green has never been more important and when it comes to your kitchen, this still stands. It doesn’t necessarily mean having Eco-friendly appliances but is more about homeowners taking advantage of the materials that improve air quality. Living in an environment free of toxins helps contribute towards a simpler, healthier lifestyle overall.


There are many companies that offer products that match all of these trends; it’s just a case of finding the right company to supply you with what you need. Remember that even if your kitchen is how you want it, you can apply some of these ideas with accessories rather than going for a full refurbishment; splashbacks, a pop of colour, even re-facing of cabinets can all make the difference.


Of course, if a new kitchen is something that has crept on to your to do list, these are just some of the predictions that may be coming into trend soon. Regardless of your style, keep it simple, keep to your tastes, and more importantly, keep it within your budget.


Author Bio:

Written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of CK Kitchens; providing expert advice to help you design the kitchen of your dreams, no matter what your style.

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