Top 5 Quirky Storage Ideas

It’s one of those mornings. You stumble out of bed, trip over random shoes, knock a pile of papers off the bench, and slam a bare foot on an unseen lego block, all before you’ve had a cup of coffee. If it’s time to declare war on clutter, but space is at a premium, these 5 quirky storage ideas from a Battersea estate agents which will help you get things organized in no time.

storage ideas

1. Build In.

If you use a critical eye, you’ll soon spot dead zones that can be used as perfect storage spaces. Shelves under staircases can transform a blank space into a mini-library, while desks can be framed within old closets. Even space under windowsills can be used to build in small wall units. With recycled wood, the right finish, and sliding doors, any build-in can look like part of the original design, and can add a quirky flourish to unexciting areas.


2. Buy Space-Saving Furniture

As properties get smaller, furniture that saves on space is getting funkier. You’ve probably seen expandable tables and sofa beds, but you can also buy bedrooms that collapse inward, or entire kitchens that epitomize minimalism by being closed away when not in use. Sub-compact bathrooms may not be the height of luxury, but they certainly get the job done. One Japanese designer has created a neutral coloured rug that can be unfolded to create a workstation, lounge seating, coffee table and numerous other applications. Now, that’s space saving.


3. Make PVC Piping Shoe Racks

Shoes get everywhere, especially if you have a family. For a fun DIY project, cut PVC piping into lengths, stack them, and glue them together. You can simply place your finished shoe rack against any wall, as it will stand up by itself. If you can’t resist buying shoes, you can always add some extra layers to your rack. It’s cheap too!


4. Hide Things Under the Floor

Clutter always ends up on the floor so you may as well take it a step further. If you have high ceilings, raising the floor and adding in-floor storage is a unique but practical design idea. Everything from tools, toys, clothes, and books can be kept here, and the raised areas can work to separate areas in small homes. Practicalities aside, there’s nothing cooler than surprising your friends by grabbing a bottle of wine out of the floor.


5. DIY Ladder Shelves

If your trusty ladder has seen better days, transform it into a shelving unit. Ladders add a rustic look, can be used in numerous configurations, and can be designed to suit any room. Transform your ladder into a shoe rack, towel rail, bookshelf, flower stand, or suspend it from the ceiling and hang kitchen utensils from it. The possibilities are endless.


With a little imagination, small spaces can be easily de-cluttered. They can also look amazing, without breaking the bank. Your home will look better for it, and you’ll feel better too.

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