Understanding Concussions

Every 23 seconds, there is someone who suffers from a traumatic brain injury in the USA. This translates to over 2 million people yearly. This number is high, and as such, care and attention have to be directed to these individuals. San Diego concussion provides survivors of brain injury an opportunity to heal and return to their healthy lives. Through their intensive care, support, and enormous resources, San Diego concussion goes a long way in ensuring that survivors and their families get the care they need.

Concussions are common, especially in sports; most people suffer from concussions during training or game time. One may get a shock when the brain has been forced to make sudden movements within the skull. This is usually after a hit to the head, head to head hit, or head to ground hit.

That’s why in most sports athletes wear helmets to guard themselves against any head injury. Concussions aren’t that obvious after one gets them, so paying attention to small details will go a long way in ensuring early diagnosis.

Concussion Symptoms

Some of the red flags that patients should keep tabs on include:

  1.     Severe headaches
  2.     Increased Confusion
  3.     Vomiting
  4.     A sudden change in behavior; one can be sad, nervous, or irritable.
  5.     Drowsiness or Insomnia
  6.     Having issues with concentrating.

Diagnosing a Concussion

Assuming that the athlete or patient exhibits some or all of these symptoms, then it’s best to have them checked out. At San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, they offer several types of head scans: X-Ray, MRI, MRA, CT, and PET SCAN. All these different head scans will give you a detailed result of your brain health.

Treatment Options Available

Unlike other injuries that are usually physical and can be observed, brain injuries cannot be physically seen. The first treatment for the concussed brain is absolute rest, and one is advised to rest the mind to heal. Total brain rest refers to no thinking and even texting.

It’s always advisable that they should not participate in any mentally strenuous activities – for instance, schoolwork or intensive board games.

If all the listed and instructed guidelines are followed, one is assured of healing within 7-14 days. But this doesn’t guarantee one that they are out of the woods just yet. In the case of recurrent brain damage, one can be in serious if not fatal condition, and complete healing is recommended.

If checked early enough, brain injury or concussions can be dealt with, and their effects subdued. The San Diego Concussion is dedicated to ensuring that all those within San Diego County to continue their life even after the concussion.

Concussions can be career-threatening, and some even life-threatening. Many people, at times, fear because they lack the money to seek treatment and, as a result, end up not seeking the help needed. Here at San Diego Concussion, we offer financially sound, quality service to all, so don’t hold back getting help.

Don’t let that concussion stop you from improving the quality of your life and that of your family through the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation.

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