Using A Self Storage Facility As a Garage

A self storage facility is a leased space to people to store their household items, or for small businesses to help in store archived records or excess inventory. You are given a lock and key to use in securing your rented space, which means you are the only person with access to the space.

garage facility

One benefit of a self storage facility is that it can also be used as a garage. Many people have garages full of junk like excess sport equipment, exercise and furniture equipment, which has been left idle for many years. So instead of having a garage serving the purpose of a storage unit, and full of junk, you should take advantage of many low-cost storage units available today. You should look for big storage facilities which can house your car, protecting it from all kinds of elements. This is very important for people having high-value collectible cars.


If you want to enjoy your storage facility as a garage, you should consider these factors:


  1. The space should be in a rentable condition, which means it is clean, safe and secure. Security is an important factor if you want your car to be protected against theft, damage or vandalism.


  1. Ensure that you are the only person with access to the space, which can be accomplished simply by using your own lock and key.


  1. You should be clear on what is allowed and what is not allowed in your space, and when it can be accessed by the renter. Most storage units have timings, so its important to know when you are allowed access.


  1. Some spaces even have temperature controlled units. This is especially important if you intend to store belongings that are sensitive to the elements such as cold, heat or humidity. This is in more important if you live in a very hot city. The temperature inside a storage unit can reach up to 100 degrees in some cases. So keep this in mind.


  1. Make sure the storage space is close by to where you live. No one likes to drive far. If you want access to your belongings on a regular basis, the proximity of the storage unit will be very important. Plus, you may want to move things around, so you can make short trips between the unit and your home. Remember, truck rental companies charge by the mile, so the distance will definitely cost you if you are moving things around often.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you when using your next storage facility as a garage. If you are located in the Aurora or Centennial area, Neighborhood Self Storage provides a wide variety of storage units. You can call them today for a hassle free quote at 303-785-7578.

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