Visually charming house can attract great price: 4 Simple ways

Earlier on, we used to reside in Michigan but have recently shifted to New York. However, before we moved to New York, we sold our house in Michigan, so that we can buy a new apartment here. I would like to share my personal experience of selling out the house. If you ask me how I went about it, then I would like to say that of course, it was not an easy task. We gave advertisement online and even on print media to get potential buyers. However, all our hard work kept on bringing in any fruitful result.

Thankfully, my neighbor suggested me that I would have to increase the curb appeal of my home in order to get potential buyers and good price for the house. Shelly (my neighbor, in case you wonder) also suggested me a few important ways to improve the visual appeal of the house. I followed the guidelines and successfully been able to get more prospective buyers and higher price for the house. I would like to share my experience and some of the tips I followed for selling the house, so that my readers can follow them to get good price and potential buyers.

Before I proceed to the tips I followed, let me here quickly jot down the statistics of real estate in Michigan –

Active home search (median):

  • Number of weeks searched: 12
  • Number of homes seen: 12

First time vs. Repeat buyers:

  • First-time buyers: 37%
  • Repeat buyers: 63%
  • Median age of first-time buyers: 31
  • Median age of repeat buyers: 53

Actions taken as a result of Internet home search:

  • Walked through a home view online: 63%
  • Found agent used to search buy home: 10%
  • Drove by/viewed a home: 63%

So on the basis of the suggestions and the points mentioned above, I changed so many stuffs of my house to make it more saleable.

Tip 1 – Edge the driveway:pave driveway

Shelly suggested me to edge the driveway in order to make the home visually charming and inviting. She said that installing a border along the driveway gives a home an elegant and sophisticated look. I used a combination of bricks, pavers, and stone as edging materials to bring out more charm to my house.

Tip 2 – Install lights along the sidewalk:

Shelly also suggested me to install some lights along the sidewalk in order to make the entryway more inviting and increase the security. I shopped around for innovative lighting fixtures and across the following –

  • Solar crackle glass ball lights
  • Laser finger beams
  • Solar accent lighting
  • Solar mason jar with yellow glow and color change option
  • Payton-style solar-powered black plastic light.

I chose solar accent lighting to make the sidewalk look crisp and elegant, and also solar crackle glass ball lights to make it look chic and trendy.

Tip 3 – Paint the walls:

“Oops”…I forgot to mention that while looking for some tips to increase the curb appeal of my house, I went through many home magazines. There I tumbled upon the fact that painting the walls is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the overall appearance of the house. Since I wanted to keep it simple and make my home look bright and natural, I chose lighter shades of hues like off-white, beige, brown and others.

Tip 4 – Pay attention to flooring:

As Shelly told me that floors play an important role in improving the visual appearance of the home, I paid close attention to them. I replaced my current flooring with new, elegant hardwood flooring material in order to make the house look quaint and classy. I visited many shops and chose oak-copper hardwood flooring in Michigan. To know more about hardwood flooring, you can visit many flooring shops in Michigan.

All the above activities helped me a lot to sell out the house in right price. However it may seem that I have invested good money while making it worth one to sale, consider the other part as I have been able to gain much larger price than what I invested in decorating the house.

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