What you ought to Know about Whiplash

With whiplash, you never see it coming. This condition occurs when you least expect. In most cases, it is triggered by a rear-end car accident in which you take a hit from behind. If you suffer painful symptoms of whiplash, you need to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. James Sheehan, DC, leads a team of qualified chiropractors at Pro Rehab and Rehabilitation to diagnose and treat Newark whiplash. With the latest rehabilitation technology, the unit offers gentle, effective, and non-invasive treatment solutions to provide long-term relief to whiplash patients.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when your head or neck gets shaken in a quick back-and-forth motion. In most cases, whiplash occurs during a car accident, whereby you get hit from behind unexpectedly. Also, adults and kids who participate in sports such as football are exposed to this injury.

Due to the sudden impact during a road accident, your lower cervical vertebrae in your neck gets hyperextended backward while the upper cervical vertebrae gets hyper flexed forward. This peculiar S-shaped motion in your neck damages the soft tissues, muscles, and tendons, leaving you feeling the disturbing effects of whiplash.

Common Symptoms of Whiplash

You are likely to witness whiplash symptoms within twenty-four hours after your accident or injury. In other cases, the symptoms manifest gradually. Common signs of whiplash include;

  •       Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  •       Loss of range of motion in the neck
  •       Neck pain and stiffness
  •       Tingling sensation in your arms
  •       Jaw pain
  •       Fatigue
  •       Dizziness
  •       Headaches emanating from the base of your skull
  •       Upper back pain

In severe cases, you may also experience blurred vision, memory problems, sleep disturbances, and even depression. With whiplash, early diagnosis and effective treatment are paramount for a speedy recovery.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Whiplash?

Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is equipped with a team of highly skilled chiropractors. They adopt a holistic, customized approach to rehabilitation after a whiplash injury to provide you relief. Your service provider at Pro Rehab uses the latest technology to help reposition your cervical spine gently and as accurately as possible with the aid of the PulStar® System’s precision pulses. PulStar technology analyzes your spine to identify areas of resistance so your practitioner can use impulse therapy to apply precise pressure to a single vertebra in your neck.

Treatment does not involve popping or cracking. It entails a gentle pulse aimed at reducing your whiplash pain and to realign your cervical spine. In most cases, patients get relief within just a few visits. PulStar System helps you heal faster than other whiplash treatment methods.

If you suffer a sports injury or are involved in an accident, your full rehabilitation plan may also entail electrostimulation, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, or acupuncture. Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation stands out because even after treatment, the team continues to walk with you every step of your recovery journey. They also work with insurance companies and attorneys to ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

For whiplash troubles, it is vital to partner with certified chiropractors for effective treatment. Call or book an appointment online with Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for a comprehensive treatment plan.

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