Why a Lab Diamond Is Worth It

A lab diamond is an answered prayer for couples who are on a tight budget but dream of having high-end engagement rings.

Since it only takes a few steps and several days to create it, the price is drastically lower than a mined and unique diamond.

But that is not to say that these diamonds are not worth your consideration.

We will list some reasons why a lab diamond is worth it in this article.

1. They are top trends nowadays

If you’re on the lookout for luxury diamonds Vancouver engagement rings, then you need not look far because most jewelry stores may offer lab diamonds.

These gems made an international statement when Meghan Markle wore them on her earrings.

Since then, these lab-grown gems have been recognized for their shine and similarity to mined diamonds.

2. They are new to the industry

Let’s face it, the jewelry industry has been around for a long while and has not seen anything new for a long time.

Lab diamonds are new and exciting for the industry where it’s quite rare to find something new.

Since they are quite new, wearing one can make you a pioneer and even a trendsetter.

3. They are economically sustainable

If you’re conscious about the amount of carbon emission of the things you use on a daily basis, then these will give you peace of mind.

These diamonds are grown in a laboratory. This means there is less heavy equipment needed to produce these gems as well as no need to displace ground to produce one.

4. The price is a steal

While not entirely cheap, the lab diamonds cost significantly less than natural colored diamonds which are extremely rare.

If you opt for a colored lab diamond, your savings will significantly be greater.

And if you’re a jeweler thinking of reselling lab diamonds, wholesale diamonds Vancouver, and other locations, is available so that you can start on your enterprise.

5. The real value

Some may think that a mined diamond is way better. And we agree to some extent. But you have to remember that the real value of anything depends on the person who owns it.

The defining factors should include your peace of mind, the price, the romantic reason behind your engagement ring, how comfortable you are when wearing it, and other internal factors that money cannot buy.

A piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily need to be that expensive for it to have a great value. After all, the thought behind is what counts. So if you consider all the factors we listed here, you will see that lab diamonds are worth it.

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