Why An Apartment May Make The Perfect Family Home

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As a parent, you’re always looking for what’s best for your family. When it comes to finding a home, you want one that is perfect for all of you. Today, I’m going to argue a few points why I think apartments make the ideal family home:

Increased Family Safety

Many people aren’t aware of this, but apartments can actually be safer than a proper house. This is down to a couple of reasons. For one, most apartments for sale, are in multi-storey apartment buildings. This is a building that houses lots of different apartments. To get into these buildings, you’ll need a key. Then, you’ll need another key to get into your apartment. So, you can see that there are two layers of security here. You almost have two front doors. Also, if someone doesn’t have a key, they can only be let in by a resident. They have to press a button and ‘buzz’ one of the apartments. Then, they’ll speak via intercom and say who’s at the door. If you know the person, you can let them in. If you don’t, then they’ll stay outside. It’s a really handy feature to keep unwanted people out of your home.


It’s also worth noting that some apartment buildings have CCTV cameras. This will depend on whether the landlord pays for them or not. But, if they do, it’s yet another security feature. With all this added security, your family will feel a whole lot safer at home.

Close-Knit Community

As I’ve mentioned, living in an apartment means you’ll be surrounded by other apartments. This means you’ll have lots of neighbours. It’s the perfect opportunity for your family to meet other families and strike up friendships. Generally speaking, apartment buildings create a friendly community. Everyone knows each other, they all tend to get along. If you remember, a few days ago I spoke about creating a better community for your family. By living in an apartment, you’re doing just that. The key is to find a friendly building to move into. It can make a big difference to family life.


Plus, some apartment buildings hold community events. This is where loads of residents come together and do various things. I have friends that live in a building where every month they have a pancake day. They all go round someone’s apartment and have a fun time cooking pancakes. It’s just one example of the many things you can do in a close community.

Easier On Your Finances

Generally speaking, it is a lot easier to afford an apartment. You won’t have to take out a huge mortgage loan. So, you aren’t going to be swamped in debt. All you have to do is pay rent each month, and make sure you pay it on time. Obviously, the bad thing with rent is that you don’t properly own the property. So, you may have to check with the landlord before you make any dramatic changes to your apartment.


However, most of the time, landlords will include utilities as part of the rent. These are things like heating, water and gas. So, you don’t have to worry about finding a separate provider and paying bills for these things.

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