Why You Should Get a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some oral problems can significantly hurt your dental health. A flaw in your bite, how your gums look and feel, and your teeth’s functioning can affect the confidence you have in your smile and lower your quality of life. Your prosthodontist in Huntington Beach, CA at Orange Coast Dental Specialty provides full-mouth reconstruction to help fix the problem and restore your smile.

Below are reasons to go for a full-mouth reconstruction.

You Have Difficulty Chewing Food

You may experience a challenge chewing food if your teeth and bite have a problem. This can affect your health since you tend to be selective with your source of nutritional requirements. It should not be painful and uncomfortable to chew food. A full-mouth reconstruction can be useful if you find that you are having to avoid certain food items based on finding them hard to chew.

You hide your smile

Do you feel shy about flaunting your smile? If so, this is a sign that your dental health is compromised. Cosmetic issues affecting the teeth and gum are usually caused by underlying problems including gum infection, tooth loss, and decay. Your doctor reminds you that when you smile, the world smiles back at you!

Your teeth ache

Your teeth should not hurt, more so when chewing food. A toothache is a sign that all is not well with your teeth and should not be ignored. Postponing that visit to your doctor can have dire oral health consequences including loss of multiple teeth. Your doctor recommends you attend regular dental checks to help arrest oral problems in good time.

How Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Help You?

The primary reason for a full-mouth reconstruction is to restore teeth function and promote oral health. The procedure also helps improve the appearance of your smile, which can restore your confidence and self-esteem.

Better oral health

A full mouth reconstruction enhances your oral health by addressing the following concerns:

  • Treatment of tooth decay and filling of cavities
  • Get rid of tooth infection and using root canal treatment to help preserve the tooth
  • Deep cleaning of your gum line to help avoid gum disease
  • Repairing cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Concealing teeth discoloration and staining using dental crowns
  • Replace any missing teeth using dental bridges and dental implants

Enhanced Smile

Coupled with the latest technology and modern medicine, restorative treatments can significantly enhance your smile. From dental implants with a near-natural look to restoring the pink color in your gums, you can trust a full-mouth restoration procedure to help you achieve your desired look.

After you have regained your oral health, there may be cosmetic needs to address on your teeth and gums including tooth bonding, whitening, and gum shaping to help enhance your smile.

If you have decided that there is something about your smile that requires a change, a full-mouth reconstruction can help. It is time to redefine the look on your smile for a more confident you. Consult your prosthodontist to learn more about the procedure.

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