Why You Should Invest in Kährs Flooring

When it comes to changing the look of your home there really is nothing quite like choosing wood flooring to add a touch of luxury to your interior space. Whilst wood flooring might seem a little pricier than some of the other options available it is a stunning natural flooring that looked after properly can last for a considerable length of time.  One name that you have probably heard, or seen, in association with wood flooring is Kährs. When it comes to wood, Kährs flooring is amongst the best in the industry. Their products as popular today as they were when they were established over 150 years ago.

Who are Kährs?

Kährs was founded in 1857 by Johan Kähr. He set up a shop which specialised in crafting wooden items in Nybro, Sweden. 160 later Nybro is still the base of the company. Kährs didn’t begin to produce wooden flooring until 1919 when, Gustavfthe grandson of the founder took over the company; he moved their product lines in the direction of wooden doors, furniture and flooring. Gustaf Kährs was passionate about using sustainable raw materials and improving the stability that wood presented when used as a building material.

Kährs wood flooring as we know it today became a reality in 1941 when the company was awarded a patent for their modern engineered hardwood floor – the multilayer flooring that we know today. The company went from strength to strength and in the 1980’s they expanded on a global scale, first in Europe and then into the US. In the 1990’s they moved into Asia and Eastern Europe. Over the years Kährs has been at the forefront of innovative new products within the field of wooden flooring.

They are considered to be a world-leading manufacturer of both wood and vinyl floors.

What is it about Kährs?

With so many different companies producing stunning wood flooring you might well be asking why you should be investing in wood flooring from Kahrs rather than any other company, well here are just a few reasons:

  • Choice

The range of wood flooring available from Kahrs really is rather special, they offer a wide range of different styles of wood flooring in a stunning range of different shades from very pale wood flooring to much darker, rich shades – there really is something to suit every type of home and that will work well with a variety of different styles of décor.

  • Installation

Thanks to their patented Woodloc joint, which hit the market in 1999, and the Woodloc 5S joint which they launched in 2009, Kährs has made it even easier to install wood flooring quickly, efficiently and with the perfect fit. These clever glueless joint, the first in the world means that fitting wood flooring is a much simpler task. The Woodloc 5S offers a more flexible floor that is even stronger.

  • Surface

It isn’t just the joints of their flooring that have been subjected to considerable research, they have also applied the same level of extensive research to the surface treatments that they use on their flooring as well. The result of this work is a surface that can easily stand up to the daily wear and tear that it is subjected to. This surface is however still thin enough to ensure that the natural beauty of the wood underneath shines through.

  • Ecological approach

For more than a decade, Kahrs has held an ISO 14001 environmental management certificate for its products. They ensure that more trees are planted than they use – looking after the local environment as much as they can.

  • Underfloor heating

Because Kahrs flooring is glueless it is very practical for use with underfloor heating, another key factor that makes it a very popular choice.

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