Windows Are For More than Just Looking Through

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was once a time when glass was so expensive that only the very wealthy could afford windows. Over time however we have developed more efficient ways of producing glass meaning that most of us can now afford it, making it a common material found in homes across the world. Transparent, while also offering some protection against the elements, glass is perfect for windows and it is difficult to imagine when a better alternative will be available.

While windows are very practical to us however, they do also offer more than just useful functions to us as they can also look great. Some types of window in particular can help any home look truly magnificent.

Bay Windows

Bay windows project forward from the home creating an enclave which can be very useful. The enclave could be used to display ornaments to make a beautiful centerpiece or if there is enough space, it could be used as a space for extra seating which would be ideal for anybody that would like to relax where they can see outside with ease. Because bay windows do project forward there is more surface area to the glass which in turn lets more light into the home. Of course if the windows are letting too much light in this is easily dealt with using blinds or curtains which can also offer great aesthetic appeal to any home.


No attic conversion is quite the same without a skylight and they have so much to offer. Perfectly placed to let the light in, an attic bedroom can be the brightest and cheeriest place in any home but it is a night when you can get the best from a skylight. While lying in bed beneath your skylight at night, you can gaze up into the heavens and count the stars until you eventually fall asleep. Such is the beauty of the night sky that many people choose to decorate their home to portray it but with a skylight you can get the real thing. Of course if you do wish to block out the light from the stars or the sun, blinds are available that will easily do the job for you.

French Doors

Another great looking use of windows in the home is in French doors and they are very popular all over the world. French doors are ideal for the rear of a home where they may look out onto a beautiful garden or a patio. They can also be opened wide to allow easy access when a number of people are coming in or out from the garden at any time. Similar to French doors are patio doors that slide open to make access even easier. For many people though the beauty of French doors makes them the preferred option over patio doors.

If you are having your windows replaced any time soon then try to think out of the box a little because you may be surprised at what can be achieved. With a little imagination and some helpful advice you could create something that will help to make your home look stunning.

Jamie Finch is a freelance writer based in the UK. This article was written on behalf of Ken’s Yard, an online roof windows company.

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