Wood flooring or ceramic tiles – What’s the right pick for your kitchen?

Whether it’s style, functionality or matching with the overall decor, you cannot rat out on the topic of flooring. Flooring is as important as your wall paint or deciding on the centrepiece of the room. When it comes to kitchen renovations or settings, flooring plays a highly crucial role in giving your look a classy or chic look, depending on your home decor theme. Since there has always been a debate on which to choose- wooden flooring or ceramic tiles, lets help you make the right pick. Shall we?

Wood flooring


1. Durable and easy to install

Needles to say, wooden flooring is very durable and easy to maintain. You only need to keep a regular clean in check and you are good to go. Also, wooden flooring is quite easy to install and fits well within your budget, thus making it the best choice for your kitchen.

2. Warm

Thanks to wood’s insulation properties, wooden flooring tends to be warm under foot which makes it a great option for people living in cold climates. Since we all like to be comfortable in our kitchen while cooking scrumptious dishes, wooden flooring could turn out be ideal for you.

3. Easy remodeling

All you need is a sanding paper to sand out all the scratches and uneven texture to give the floor a brand new look. For further refurbishments, opt for coating such mirror coating and scratch resistant coating for life longevity and while we are on the topic, you can opt for wood polish as well for a fresh look.


1. Termite attack

While you are considering all the amazing pros of installing wooden flooring, keep in mind that such flooring is highly prone to termite attack, unlike tiles. As a preventive measure, you must opt for waterproof coating which will help in keeping termites at bay, along with pest control.

2. Unsafe

Fire breakouts are a common threatening factor which are associated with wooden flooring. Also, chemical emissions during installation of wooden flooring is hazardous for your family’s health.

3. Regular cleaning needed

If you are not up for cleaning your kitchen floor everyday, then wood flooring is a terrible choice for you. Wood is porous and catches stains easily which makes it highly important for the owner to keep regular cleaning in check.

Ceramic tiles


1. Highly attractive

Coming in a variety of textures, colours and designs, ceramic tiles look exceptionally attractive, especially when experimented with a variety of styles. They are available for DIY installation as well and since they are easy to maintain and waterproof, it serves as a great advantage.

2. Affordable with variety

Aside from offering a plethora of variety to the buyers in colours, designs and styles, ceramic tiles are budget friendly and offer themselves for all sorts of classes. Since their maintenance is easy, it’s a cherry on the top.

3. Added advantage

Some of the other advantages you can enjoy with ceramic tiles are good insultaion, bacteria free, anti slip, fire resistant and dust resistant.


1. Prone to breaking

Unlike wooden flooring, tiles are prone to breakage which is one of the biggest disadvantage. If you have toddlers or young children in your home, then tiles might not be the best option for you.

2. Cold underfoot

Since tiles are bad insulators, they are cold underfoot. Such tiles are perfect for people residing in hot countries but not for the ones living in cold weather.

3. Accident prone

Tiles comes in different varieties which includes non- slip tiles. However, the cheap and affordable are often nt slip proof which makes it dangerous to have slippery tiles in kitchen.

With such crucial information at your disposal, take some time and make a wise choice. However, if you are willing to take advice from the experts at The Kitchen Studio, opt for wood flooring and forget about flooring renovations for several years to come!

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