Your checklist for relocating to a new city for work

As if starting a new job was not less than a nightmare that shifting to a new city for it has made it even more difficult! Just imagine the trouble that you will have to take! If you have ever shifted in the same city for any reason, then just multiply the stress by ten times and you will understand how much pain is sure to come your way! Yes yes, we can be optimistic and think that this inconvenience will last for a couple of months only and you will settle down gradually, but those initial two or three months are the most difficult!

It will be difficult to wrap up your home in the old city, bid farewell to all the near dear ones, and tie up all the loose ends and finally shift to a new city, about which you have absolutely no idea! You might have a few friends there who will be ready to help you with anything and everything you need, but you have to figure out most of the things on your own! And that is the part which is going to be the most difficult. If you are moving to a city whose language of communication is also different from what you speak, then you are welcome to a whole new world of pain!

But most of the times, companies are generous enough to provide a temporary accommodation until you find something.

There are a few things that you must do before you make the big move so that your relocation is hassle free and easily done.

Temporary accommodation – if you are shifting to a new city for the same employer or you are changing your job, do not forget to ask if they will provide any sort of accommodation for those who are relocating. There are companies who give an option of living in a hotel for some duration till you find a place for yourself. e there are others which have their own residential societies where you can live. Ask for yourself and choose according to your convenience.

Research for your new home – even though you are not very familiar with the new city and your locality, take some help from your friends or the internet, of course, to do some research for your new house. You can also take help of a real estate agent who can give you the quotes of houses in the desired locality. Similarly, if you are moving to a new city you will have to deal with your old home in the previous city. If it was rented, well and good, you only have to take care of the cleaning, but if you own it, you will have to make a decision between selling it or retaining it! While searching for the house in the new city, do not finalise it till you personally go and see it.

Hire an experienced removal service Рthis is one of the most important decisions you will make in this entire process relocating to a new city. You can look up on the internet for removal services in your area and you will get a lot of options. Do not jump on the very first service you get. Take quotations from at least four to five removal services and then make your decision. You must also know about the company’s background and the customer experience. Always hire professionals like South Park Removals for complete satisfaction.

Figure out the necessities – once you have your shifting date in your hand, try to reach the new place a few days before your removal service is to arrive. In the meantime, figure out the necessities like the internet service provider, the local grocery, the gas connection and various other such things that you will need immediately after shifting to the new place. Inform all the authorities about the address change so that there is no issue with any bill generation.

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