Your Interior Designer Knows All The Right People

Your “Friend Who Used To Do Drywall” May Not Be Your Best Choice

Here’s another reason it’s smart to hire a professional interior designer to help with your remodeling or home improvement project: the money (not to mention the aggravation) you’ll save by getting the job done right the first time.

They make it look so easy on those do-it-yourself (“DIY”) home improvement shows you see on cable TV, don’t they?  You and your spouse can do this.  One of you has an eye for style and design, and the other owns a ladder and a few tools… so, how hard could it be?

But the truth is, it’s hard.  Anyone who’s ever tried to do their own home improvement project of any real proportion knows it’s much harder than those cable shows make it look.

And much more expensive.

By the time you realize you’ve messed up a measurement or two… perhaps ordered the wrong quantity of material (and they’re sure to be sold out when you go back to the big box store for more)… mismatched the paint colors, torn out too much wall, or damaged a water pipe or electrical line… it occurs to you that you’d have saved a lot of money paying professionals to do the work.

But how do you know you’ll get the right tradespeople on the job?  Here’s another hard fact: you don’t know.  You can check references, read testimonials, and review online ratings… but in many cases, you’re still taking a chance.

The good news?  Your professional interior designer does know.  They know all the right pros to engage, to help you make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

A professional interior designer could help you save more money than it costs to hire them, just from knowing the right contractors to call in.

Contractors Do Their Best Work For Designers They Know And Trust

Your interior designer has seen lots of projects like yours… and they’ve worked with a reliable stable of contractors on those projects.  They know who’s going to do the job right the first time.

In a sense, your interior designer has done the “trial and error” for you.  And the errors were made on other projects, in other homes.

As a result, you’re not only likely to get a solid contractor referral from your professional designer… you’re likely to get the crew that came in to fix what other crews couldn’t get right.

Once a designer finds a contractor like that, they tend to stick with them.  For obvious reasons.

And there’s more good news: the contractor, beneficiary of many such nice referrals, tends to be loyal to your interior designer, too.

They pick up the phone when your designer calls.  They schedule the project promptly.  They put their best people on the job, and they often even give a little discount on the work as a thank-you to you… and to your designer.

When you consider that your designer can also get “Available To The Trade Only” materials you can’t get… at prices you wouldn’t be offered… it’s not hard to see how a professional interior designer can pay for themselves just through real bottom-line savings on labor and materials.

Plus, you get the benefit of years of design experience, and deep expertise not only in projects like yours, but in overcoming problems that often arise in projects of a similar type.

You don’t have to gamble on your remodeling or home improvement project.  Hire a professional interior designer, and you’re likely to come out ahead in ways you probably haven’t thought of.  And your new space will likely turn out beautifully, and be everything you’d hoped for… and more.  For less.

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