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How to Choose Removers for Weeds – The Best Tools in the Garden

Ugh, weeding… The never-ending, annoying, boring gardening task. Is there anything more pointless? All the work you do seems so futile. Since, by the time you have covered the whole area, you have to start it all over again.

Get yourself informed:

Do I Need to Do it?

Still, “you gotta do what you gotta do”. There is no way to avoid weeding if you want to keep your garden tidy and, more importantly, your plants healthy. Sure, weeds are also plants, but they are known as the ones that grow in wrong places.

There are a lot of ways in which these “wrong plants” can harm your “right” ones. They take away the moisture and the nutrients from the soil, thus inhibiting the growth of your crops and flowers. Should I even explain how they can ruin the whole look of your garden?

In addition to that, some types can be poisonous. Letting them be and not doing anything about the issue can be harmful not only for your plants, but also for your health. So, if you don’t take care of the problem, don’t get surprised if you notice rashes and other irritations on your skin.

How Should I Do it?

Not only is the process of weeding time-consuming and nerve-wrecking, but it can also be pretty difficult when done with the wrong tools. And choosing these depends on a number of different factors. You should take into account the type and number of weeds in your garden, the type of soil, as well as your personal preferences.

You can’t even imagine how many different tools you can come across on the market. Naturally, some are better, some are worse. The problem is – you don’t exactly know what makes one better than the other. Plus, since the type of weed remover you should get also depends on your physical anatomy and strength, choosing it can very quickly turn into a nightmare.

But, don’t worry. When you do your research properly, you will be able to pick the right remover in no time. Who knows, maybe you will even start enjoying this utterly tiresome garden job. So, let’s see what you should keep an eye on.


One of the first things you will learn there is that there are two different types of handles to choose from. And that, of course, depends on how you want to perform this action.

Unsurprisingly, short-handled removers are the one you should buy if you prefer working on your knees. In some cases, this might be the necessary one, since the position provides you a better vision of unwanted plants in a closely planted area. On the other hand, long-handled tools allow you to work while standing up. Since that might be less tiring, chances are that you will be able to work much faster.


Some removers can be extremely difficult to operate. If you get one like that, you will find that you are not only progressing slowly, but your arms might start aching as well. Keep in mind that that also depends on your strength.

It is important to find a tool that is easy to use and allows you to work in a comfortable position. Furthermore, having a great remover that is too heavy for you is like having nothing at all. When you find the one that suits you perfectly, you will be much more efficient.


Imagine yourself with a brand new remover. You start weeding and everything seems to be going fine. Suddenly, it breaks. How frustrating would that be? Now, if you look at the bright side, you have to postpone your work until you get a new one. But, it will still be waiting for you.

Durability plays a key role here. Getting a high-quality tool means that you won’t have to worry about replacing it for many years to come. Who would be happy with having to spend money, as well as time, on getting a new weed remover every couple of months?

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