The Beauty of the Wild Flowers

The Beauty of the Wild Flowers

People usually admire the cultivated flowers, which grow in a garden. They are so well ordered, always cut good and in good shape. They are beautiful and perfect, but there is another type of flowers, which are not cultivated and these are the wild flowers. They can be also grown in a garden, but remain their wild spirit and magic.

What is great about these flowers is that they usually need no special care. They are growing with significantly less efforts but that does not make them less worthy.

Their magic is hidden in the fact that they can even appear in your garden suddenly without being deliberately put there. Many people get angry and cut them down. But if you know enough of them and take close look you will soon realize, that they can be very beautiful with their wilderness and disorder.

Grow your own wild flowers

Besides this way for the wild flowers to appear in your garden, they can be grown from seeds, which can be bought from the special places for that. It is curious fact but often their seeds, when labeled and packed, are even more expensive than some of the most common cultivated flowers.

In case you want to put wild flower seeds in your garden, there are some tips for choosing the right place and time for that action. As it was said before they do not need any special conditions, they only need the basics like soil, sun and water. The best spot is low near the ground, where the water supply will be easily available, and the access of direct sunlight. If the sun is shining at the place during the whole day, then waist no time and start sowing the wild flower seeds there.

The wild flowers are easily distinguished by the other flowers in the garden. Still if a person will feel difficult to recognize them, there are the most common types, which can be seen.

African daisy

In alphabetical way the African daisy is the first one to be described. It looks a lot like the other daisy but a little smaller. They are annual and naturally come from South Africa. That is the reason they are called African daisies. Their color can range from white, through yellow and orange. They are good for covering wide and long areas. You can also put their seeds near borders, parking strips and tubs as well.


The Agave Americana or just the Agave is the next wild flower. The form of the plant has no stem and its flowers are branched. The stable is thick and the leaves come straight from it.

Baby blue eyes

The Baby blue eyes are not the next in alphabetical order but are one of the most common wild flowers that can be seen. They are usually seen in a delicate blue color, and that is where it name comes from. The flowers are shaped like cups.

This baby blue blossoms through the whole spring. It is very common in California, though it can be seen in many other parts of the world.


The alder is also a wild flower and is one of the most beautiful ones as well. Its spadix is covered with tiny flowers, usually in red color, and these specifics make it very interesting and tender.

Dog violets

The dog violets are also very common. Their shape is round and they are existing only in violet color. They are blossoming one week after the wood violets and this is the best orientation for the time they are appearing.


The cornflower can be seen mostly in Europe. It is annual and can be found in many nice colors like white, pink, red and blue.

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