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Don’t email me asking if you can have a free guest post article submission on my blog because the answer is YES, just send your article using Microsoft Word to

Don’t pitch or ask me to pick a topic just send your best one.

Contributor Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post Article

Minimum of 2000 words article.

I will check the quality of your article so it must be unique, properly written, informative, and makes sense.

Your article must not be published elsewhere on the internet and you cannot re-use it when it is already posted here.

Must include related photos and images, I prefer 1200×800 px.

If you want to put some links in your article from authority sites, that’s fine, but it’s optional.

It would be great if you could link my existing posts in your guest article submission.

A personal or business link must be placed in the last paragraph.

No keyword-optimized anchor text for the business link, I will edit it if I find one.

Anchor text should not be keyword-rich or keyword-optimized. I prefer a brand name or link URL.

This is a Guest Posting Site that Offers Free and Paid Options

Guest post submission is given a do-follow link.

Following the simple rules and guidelines above will help you get a better chance of approval.

There are many emails ignored because they don’t follow these guidelines.

Don’t ask me when your submission will be approved. If it is not posted it means it is rejected.

If you want an expedited review and posting of your article you can contact me at the email above.

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