Unique Planter Ideas For Your Home Garden

Unique Planter Ideas For Your Home Garden

Have you been neglecting your wonderful home garden for a while? If yes, then it’s time to spruce up your yard and make it an attractive place to hang around. Whether you own a few acres or a small backyard patio, it always makes sense to add some cute plants and containers to make the garden cozy and blissful. It might be an expensive affair to buy a few planters, but if you stroll across a local hardware or departmental store, you may get good deals on some of the unique planters out there.

Smart Tips

Further, to save smartly, look around your house for those unused objects that you can use as unique planters. Begin with the kitchen and envisage plants in almost everything you have in your kitchen. The nicked casserole dish might be perfect. Further, a plant placed in a rattan basket looks quite homey. What about those old cookie tins in your cabinets? Whatever you choose, make sure that the container or planter has proper drainage. Some holes or stones poked at the bottom of your planter will keep the plants in good condition.

Look Around Your House

Check your hallway cupboard and find out what you can use from there. Are there any old and unused purses? If yes, then take them out and fill up with soil and place a good plant in it and you probably might have your neighbor’s eyes rolling on it. Those old boots work excellent. Whether rubber or laced up boots, you can use them as unique planters. Slice a few holes around the boots and place your plant in it. Planting perennials is a good idea here.

Next, the garage is the most resourceful place to look for unique planters. If there are old cans of paints there, then you need to scrub as well as fill them with plants and soil. These will look very cute if you trickle a bit of paint around rim and set them in a group across your home garden or yard.

Get that old hose that you no more use, coil it up and create a planter from it. Fasten it with good waterproof glue. Old wagons, wheelbarrows and toolboxes make excellent planters. Further, consider having that old dresser in your attic. You can transform the drawers of dresser into amazing planters for your yard. Consider waterproofing them with a good water seal prior to placing them outdoors.

Look Outside Your House

Those old mailboxes serve as unique planters too. You can mount a rustic mailbox on a good table. Some small plants showering out from the front adds amazing natural touch to the yard. You can place those hanging mailboxes anywhere and fill them with attractive plants. Various types of mailboxes if grouped together can make a wonderful addition to your garden or patio.

Pick some large size seashells during your visit to the beach, as they make amazingly unique planters. Lastly yet importantly, get a good outdoor rug before you start experimenting with the planters.

If you are not able to find some unique and cool planters in your home, then it is advisable to check at your local yard or thrift stores. Allow your imagination to sprint when it comes to having unique planters for your home garden and envy your neighborhood.

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