3 Key Trends for Designer Sofas in 2013

As the focal purchase for array of interior settings, designer sofas dominate the global interior design industry with fresh collections, trends and design innovations proceeding to influence our views with regards to home decor. So should you be looking to redecorate inside the coming 12 months, here are three key trends to look out for when it comes to choosing your next sofa.


1 – The Return of Classic Style


In this quick shifting technology driven world, classic sofa styles including the English Chesterfield are making a comeback. While these timeless designs stay formal and traditional in style, designers continue to innovate about the edges making little tweaks to the original blueprint to bring these styles up to speed for the twenty-first century.


Watch out for exotic fabric choices, unusual colors and contrast piping as designers look for ways to revamp well-worn designs rich in historical precedent for autumn/winter collections. Be on the lookout for modern takes on classic fine detail like pulled stitch-work, single buttoning and vanity detailing.


2 – Modular Living


Modular sofas remain exceptionally popular amongst the young metropolitan audience as designers continue to favor sectionals when deciding on furniture for contemporary penthouse developments. Expect bold color schemes and eye-catching patterns as brands tap into the trend for placing U shaped arrangements at the heart of modern day living.


As Scandinavian style influence makes itself felt on an international scale, maintain an eye for detail as multimedia docking stations, power plugs and fold up storage is increasingly built into the contemporary design. Discover new interpretations of the interaction between furniture, its environment and the human as modular living and lifestyle furnishing both become new buzzwords this year.


3 – Affordable Extravagance


With continued austerity and fiscal uncertainty prevailing around the globe, expect designer sofas to become even more inexpensive in the second half of the year as high-end manufacturers diversify towards the affordable luxury sector. Reflecting the fashion trends of AW13, expect to see stripped back styles and austere material choices to become popular as designer sofas become a lot more sober, controlled and understated in the run up to 2014.


Far from economizing, you should expect this trend to place emphasis on fit, detail and build quality as the hallmarks of the designer sofa. Stay on top of this trend by researching less popular fabrics and classic upholstery techniques both likely to take the mantle as manufacturers strip back ornate styles by moving away from premium material choices and overt style.


These are just three of the upcoming trends we expect will shape the industry over the next six months. Yet with the public becoming increasingly aware and educated on the topic of interior design and home decor due to the burgeoning influence of the internet and social networking, look out for sub-plots together with counter-narratives through the course of the season as individual designers react with progressive new designs, styles and models – several of which are certain to draw the interest of the interior design community shaping the fashions of the forthcoming season.

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