What is the 2.1 Cremone Lock

What is the 2.1 Cremone Lock?

The 2.1 Cremone Lock is a specialized locking mechanism that is bespoke with the thinnest frames on the market today. The standard frame you see for folding doors today is quite thick. The thick frame will supposedly provide extra protection as it can withstand strong winds and even attempts by burglars to invade your home.

However, technology involving luxury folding doors has gone a long way from the time the first folding doors made their appearance in Pompeii, Italy, during the First Century AD.

For instance, the average frame for a folding door is two inches to three inches wide. But there are new frames now that are renowned for their thinness without sacrificing security and strength. 

To illustrate, the 2Fold door is just one inch wide, making it one of the thinnest–if not the narrowest–frames on the market now.

But what do luxury folding doors have something to do with the 2.1 Cremone Lock?

What is a 2.1 Cremone Lock?

The 2.1 Cremone Lock is a security solution that revolutionizes the way people bolt down their folding doors.

Standard doors typically use surface bolts that you find at the bottom and the top of the steel or aluminum jamb. To lock or unlock the folding doors, you need to reach up, or you need to bend down to access the bolts. Count yourself lucky if you can reach the upper bolt without the need to reach for a stool or a chair.

But it can quickly get annoying when you have to drag a chair every time so that you can lock the top bolt. The bolts are also quite cumbersome to look at. They stick out like a sore thumb whenever you open the sash to get some respite from the sweltering summer heat.

Single Lever

In contrast, the 2.1 Cremone Lock simplifies the process. Instead of locking two bolts, you only need to operate a single lever. The mechanism will automatically secure the luxury folding doors through a series of interlocking links and systems.

How Does This Benefit You?

The most obvious benefit of using this modern lock is convenience. As already mentioned, you only need to be concerned about a single rig. You can typically find the Cremone Lock at the midpoint of the doorjamb, at waist or chest level. If you are vertically challenged, you do not have to worry about pulling a stool so you can reach the top lock.

The next benefit is aesthetics. Cremone Locks are ideal for luxury folding doors with thin frames. Even when you open the doors, you can only see the deadlock lever and the handle. They do not stick out like a sore thumb.

Finally, the security of the Cremone locks is designed in such a way that the locking gear will automatically clamp down after any attempt to pry it open. For instance, if a burglar will use a credit card to slide through the latch bolt, the mechanism will over-rotate to the lock position instead.

Besides, most burglars would be unfamiliar with this type of lock. They are more used to pry open the traditional deadbolts and surface bolts.

The takeaway is that Cremone Locks are the perfect security mechanism for your home. Your thin-frame folding door is not only going to be the envy of your neighbors, but it will also secure your loved ones from human-made or natural dangers.

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