Home Improvements for Added Value

Home Improvements for Added Value

Whether you are looking to freshen up your forever home or looking to increase a house’s value for renting or resale there are a number of things you can do to help improve a home. From simple quick fixes to more extensive remodeling work there are always ways to improve a house, from a quick coat of paint to full attic conversions, we take a look at some of the ways you can update your property today.

Fresh Paint

If your house is looking a little dull or it has the battle scars from children’s coloured pens, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint. If you have exterior cladding or any wooden windows or porches, a new coat of paint can really help to boost a property’s curb appeal. This is a great move if you are looking to sell as it creates a great first impression before a buyer has even walked through the door.

For smaller rooms or for rooms that don’t have as much access to natural light, light neutral colours work well to give the illusion of more space. Relaxing richer colours can work well for bedrooms for a personal room but if you are working on reselling then it’s still best to stick with softer tones and neutral colours.

For a bathroom, if you can’t or don’t want to tile the whole room then wipe down paint that resists mould and moisture is a must. Avoiding whites is also a good idea as it can make a space feel too clinical. lighter blues, greens and greys can give a calming spa-like feel to a room.

Overall a new coat of paint can change the feel of a whole room and it’s something that can be done relatively cheaply. Painting is something that anyone can do at home as long as you take the time to mask off everything properly, put down dust sheets and prep the walls accordingly. If a steady hand and the prep work is something you just don’t have the time for then a professional decorator will have all the tools for the job and be able to get you a great finish in a lot less time.

No matter what colour you are looking for brands like Dulux or Crown.

A Garden Refresh

If you are updating a forever home then you can have more adventures with how you improve your garden as these can be quite personal. If you are looking to sell then it can be best to stick with a low maintenance garden.

If you have garden furniture and patios then breaking out the pressure washer can make it look like a brand new patio. Digging out weeds and dead plants that may not have survived a winter can instantly give a boost to flower beds.

Pets and children can cause havoc on a lawn so getting new turf installed can be a great way to lift a garden quickly without having to wait months for the grass to regrow especially if you have to strip all of the grass out. The fact that you can now use services like Turf Online to calculate how much turf you’ll need and get it sent straight to your door can make this process a lot easier. Just remember to do the prep work before you order as turf can’t sit around too long. Getting turf installed by professionals can help get your turf down faster with the extra manpower.

Adding a summer house can give you a relaxing garden getaway or can give potential buyers another room to think about. An outdoor gym or a man cave away from the house can help tip the scales in your favor when it comes to buyers.

Updating Internal Systems

While is not something that you can see, updating the heating, wiring, and insulation of a home can give you a major value boost. As the world is moving to be more eco-friendly, making a home more energy efficient can help to save money in the long run. Rewiring or re-plumbing a house can be a big undertaking as it can involve opening up walls and more. In older houses though, making sure that all wiring is up to date with the latest safety features can be a big plus for potential buyers.

On top of this, moving where sockets are, adding more lighting fixtures, changing to spotlights or even altering the layout of radiators and bathrooms can help alter the flow of the house to make it easier to use.

Structural Changes

Sometimes a space just no longer works for you. Opening up walls can help to improve sightlines through a home and making rooms open can really help make smaller rooms feel a lot bigger. Having a kitchen that looks directly into a dining room or lounge so that it’s easier to keep an eye on children making sure they are doing their homework while cooking can be a great bonus for families. A project like this will definitely need an engineer as walls can be load-bearing so the roof will need to be braced before taking the support out from under it.

If you are still looking for more space then maybe going out is an option for you with an extension or conservatory. The extra space can really help to sell a property, or like the summer house can be used as a bespoke space for an office, gym, or anything else you might need.

If you can’t go out then the last place you can look at is going vertical. An addition of a basement or an attic conversion can help to make use of space that is otherwise unused. both of these are massive projects so it’s best to consult with experts for what planning permission is needed and what steps will be involved or if the project is even possible.

These are just a few ways that you can add value to a home or extend its lifespan if you have a growing family. View our decorating section to find more ways that you can style your home.

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