3 Tips to Turn Your Fridge to the Most Efficient Refrigerator Possible

Did you know that the cost of running your refrigerator can make up 13% of your overall energy costs?

With that kind of significant drain on your electric costs, the need to obtain the most efficient refrigerator has jumped up the priority list. But with many of us unable to go out and buy the best and most efficient refrigerator money can buy, the need to life hack your current model becomes apparent.

Here, learn some of the top tips for making your fridge the most efficient refrigerator it can be.

Make Your Fridge The Most Efficient Refrigerator

While this article will help you get the most out of your refrigerator unit, there is no magic way to make a very old or broken fridge work right again.

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Now, what can you do to make your fridge run a bit smoother?

1. Replacing Door Seals And Making Sure The Fridge Seals

Those little plastic linings have a thankless job, yet when you really think about it, they are literally the gatekeepers for the cold air supposed to stay trapped in your fridge.

If they aren’t working right, then the whole system falls apart. Make sure your plastic door linings, or gaskets, are functioning properly, providing adequate suction, and not tearing in any places.

Be sure to replace the seals when they do break. You’ll immediately notice an amazing difference if you replace worn down and dirty seals with brand new ones, instantly helping keep your fridge cooler, longer.

2. Shut The Refrigerator Door!

Ah yes, I can hear mother shouting it now. It does not matter how old or new your fridge is, this is a painfully obvious, and painfully difficult way to make your fridge more efficient.

Doing things like making smart trips to the fridge will help you. Go to the fridge knowing exactly what you want.

A little tip: save even more by asking others if they’ll need anything from the fridge at the same time! You would be amazed how big of a difference keeping the fridge doors closed can make.

3. Keep The Fridge Away From Heat

Something you may not know if you aren’t a refrigerator buff: the compressor kicks on and runs when it is near heat sources. It does this to ensure your food inside the fridge maintains a constant and stable temperature, but a consequence of it running is obviously higher electric costs.

In order to maximize the amount of time your compressor won’t need to run, it would be wise to try to set your kitchen up so that the compressor is not exposed to direct sunlight, nor is it near hot appliances like dishwashers or ovens.

This will allow the compressor to only turn on when it needs to turn on.

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Utilize these tips and you’ll be well on your way to the most efficient refrigerator, all for the price of nothing.

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