4-Step Guide To A Relaxing Bedroom For Busy Parents

If there’s one area of the home that many parents don’t prioritize, it’s the bedroom. Your once-spotless sleeping area becomes a dumping ground for everything and anything. Piles of laundry; mess from downstairs when you have visitors; three unpacked suitcases from your vacation last May. Sound familiar?

But it shouldn’t be like this. In fact, for most parents, the bedroom is your only sanctuary you have left. Your home just isn’t yours anymore – it’s full of toys, baby equipment, and nowhere is sacred. So, maybe it’s time to reclaim some space. And, the best place for you to do it is, without a doubt, your bedroom. Here’s how you can get started.


Organize a complete declutter

Your first step is to remove everything that has no place in your bedroom. Any clutter is going to have an effect on your ability to relax in peace, whether you can see it or not. So, get all the kids toys out and put them back where they belong. Sort through your clothes and send anything you don’t wear to a charity store. Invest in better storage, and find a home for everything. And, don’t forget to clear out from under your bed!

Change your lighting

Lighting has a remarkable effect on any room, and it’s a great way to improve the relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom. Try installing a dimmer switch first – they are cheap to buy, and a lot of stores will come and fit it for you for a minor fee. You should also think about natural light. Are your curtains too heavy to let the light through? Think about investing in a few more lamps to dot around the room as well – and you can also buy some colored light bulbs to create more mellow vibes.

Get a better bed

How comfortable is your bed? Be honest, because if you want to relax, it’s something you should take seriously! The bed frame is important, but even more so is the mattress that you use. Take some time to investigate your options – some people like sleeping on soft surfaces, while others like it hard. Head out to your local home store and try out some of the options, before checking online. You might find a king size latex mattress that you fall in love with, but you could find a much better price elsewhere. Now, mattresses can be expensive, but there are often sales where you can get significant discounts. So, don’t be afraid to wait it out for a while.

Invest in a good carpet

Now, we’re sure there is a lot of love out there for exposed floorboards in the bedroom.It’s a great look, for sure. But, if you want a relaxing haven, we would advise going for carpet. There are two important reasons why. First of all, it’s so much nicer to feel underfoot. But, most importantly, it is much better for soundproofing. If you want to take five minutes and close your eyes, then noise is going to be an issue. A lush pile carpet with a thick underlay is going to improve things by some distance.

Enjoy your new bedroom!

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