4 Tips To Help You Land Grant Financing for Your Next Green Project

Do you have the latest and greatest green technology?  Is it so revolutionary it will change the world?  If you answered yes to these 2 questions you may be able to qualify for a doe grant.

The Department of Energy regularly provides grants to entrepreneurs and engineers so that they can bring their green projects to life.

Applying for a department of energy grant though is no easy process.  There are plenty of forms, legal issues, and other barriers to entry that may prevent you from successfully applying.

Don’t feel like a grant is out of your reach.  If you have an idea, take the time to plan it out, and stick with it, chances are you will be able to help bring your green idea to life with the help of grant funding.

Below are some tips to help you get ready when it comes time to submit for your money.

Know Where The Money Comes From

Depending on the type of funding you require you will encounter different sets of mandatory criteria along the way.  Take time studying the websites and reading all of the documentation thoroughly before starting the application process.  Doing your research beforehand will save you countless hours and may make or break your application process.  We have seen time and time again businesses that have not crossed their t’s or dotted their i’s get the shaft with their submissions.  One major error that happens comes from submitting to the DOE like your would for a dod grant.

Pro Tip:

If you learn the system very well you may be able to leverage your knowledge into consulting!

Examine Their Process

Applying for funding has numerous phases behind it depending on where you go.  Each phase will generally provides a review on what you have submitted to make sure that you are ready to move forward into the next step.  This can be very bureaucratic and why it is extremely important to make sure you have all of your paperwork in order.   Typical submissions will require

  • A letter of intent
  • Concept Papers
  • Application

Energy.gov Funding Process

Energy.gov Funding Process

Know Your Pitch

You would be surprised how much you don’t know about your project when you sit down and really take a pen to it.  It’s important to know your project from beginning to end so that you can clearly deliver your message with no room for interpretation.  Be sure to start from the top and work your way down branching out every possible tree.  If your idea is patentable, submit as soon as possible in order to build a stronger case for your grant.

Know Your Audience

There may come a time in your grant submission that you will have to pitch your idea to a room full of people.  If you have done your homework and have your all your ducks in a row this should not be an issue.  Remember to always start with a problem and how your project will be the solution.

While this may sound easy enough, sometimes it’s easy to jump into a pitch with technical information that may go over the head of who are you are pitching too.  You may be pitching to engineers, scientists, or the person who applied for and got the job that has a degree in HR.  By knowing your audience you will be able to deliver a message that will have a great degree of reception.

It may be hard to know for sure just exactly how much knowledge the people in the room have on the subject but just be bold and ask the question “How much do you know about xyz.”  This is a great way to break the ice and help you alter your presentation as a result.

In closing trying to get funding your project is not always guaranteed.  It may become difficult, take years, and seem out of reach.  Just remember that good things will happen in due time!

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