5 Office Spaces That Were Turned Into Awesome Living Spaces

2848831987_2270625fa2_nIt’s rare that you hear about people turning office spaces into living spaces, rather than the other way around. Still, this is a growing trend in the current market.

With residential buildings becoming increasingly expensive and in demand and office buildings becoming cheaper and unwanted, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a profit could be made here. Not only offices, but other workspaces have been turned into homes, some of them incredibly bizarre.

The Grand-Westend 24

In Frankfurt, Germany, stands what was once an old 1972 office block, now transformed into a contemporary, modern apartment complex. In 2011, this building was totally dismantled, except for the outer-walls, the ceiling, staircase and the elevator shaft. The shell of the building was all that was left, and everything inside was remodeled into spacious and contemporary styled units. This efficient response to the current market demands make it affordable and luxurious at the same time, attracting young professionals who work in the city.


Post Offices

In the USA, it is estimated that 3,700 post offices will close. With so many of them brilliantly designed and representing a 300 year old architectural window into colonial times, it’d be senseless to just knock them down. Instead, post offices are being transformed into homes, restaurants and art galleries. One such post office in Paintsville, Kentucky, has been transformed into an exquisite first-class home. This old colonial building gives the modern home plenty of character and history.


Fire Stations

Yes, just like in Princess Diaries. Just like post offices, these buildings often trace back to colonial times. And just like post offices, some redundant fire stations are being converted into homes. With high ceiling and open floor plans, you’re limited only by your imagination as to what you could do with these places. And how cool would it be to have a fireman’s pole that could take you from your room to your kitchen?



No…planes aren’t offices, you’re quite right – unless you think of them as a pilot’s office. No? Well, whatever, they make for a pretty unique home. Joanne Ussery’s home in Benoit, Mississippi, was destroyed by an ice storm. So, as anyone would, she took a decommissioned 747 and converted it into a home. This cost her a mere $30,000, much less than what she would have spent on rebuilding a conventional home.


Missile Silos

Again, not an office; but an amazing place to call home. One third of the living space is above ground, while the other two thirds reach deep underground. It’s like an underground skyscraper. Not only this, but it is nuclear-bomb-proof – how many house can boast that?It comes with an airstrip and a huge acreage. Just head on over to Saranac Lake, New York to see this ingenious use of a decommissioned military facility.


Author Bio:

Linda Campbell is a freelance writer who is hoping to buy office space in Sydney to convert into her own home. This would be an incredibly convenient option given the residential prices at the moment.

image source – http://www.flickr.com/photos/13725832@N06/

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