5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Change Your Patio Door Now

The patio door is one of the fixtures in your home that you don’t pay attention to every day of the year. This is because when the weather is cold, you will most likely avoid going out of your home. As such, you won’t be opening the door as often as you normally would.

But even if you don’t go outdoors frequently because of the weather, you have to make it a point to check or open and close the patio door periodically.

You have to ensure that it still secures your patio entry, protects your interior, and helps your home remain energy efficient. Lastly, you also have to make sure that it continues to be an appealing design element of your home.

In case your patio door no longer satisfies these requirements, it is probably time for you to replace it. But what are the specific signs you have to look out for that indicate you need a patio door replacement immediately?

Trusted patio door installers share them below:

1. You are always having difficulties opening and closing it

An old, damaged patio door which has warped is quite hard to open and close. Other signs that your patio door is already past its prime is that it makes a loud noise and it sticks to the frame whenever you try to open it.

A door that is hard to open and close will definitely give you and your family members a lot of headaches. If you have this problem with your patio door, you can have a door contractor check it first.

In case the issue is caused by a bent sliding screen door, this part can be replaced. But if this problem is caused by a faulty door frame, it is highly likely you will need to have the whole fixture replaced.

2. Your door has a lot of cosmetic damages

Scrapes, scratch marks, chipped paint, and other types of surface damage will leave your patio door looking drab, dirty, and simply unsightly.

If you didn’t do anything to have these issues repaired before, there is a higher chance that these damages may now be too extensive and expensive to fix. In most instances, you will have no other choice but to have your patio door replaced with a new one.

3. You constantly feel a draft coming through the door

If you notice that the area near your patio door seems drafty, and the draft seems to become stronger every day, it means that your door already has gaps and cracks around or on its frames. These gaps and cracks can either be small and unnoticeable, or large and visible.

These cracks and gaps can be caused by various factors which include:

  • The structure of the house is settling.
  • The siding has shifted.
  • There is damage on the door frame itself.

When drafts enter your home, your heating and energy bills will go up. To keep your home warm and toasty, and to lower your heating or energy bills, you’ll need to have your faulty door replaced.

4. You see condensation and high levels of moisture on the glass

It is normal to see condensation on the exterior of glass patio doors. However, if you notice condensation on the interior side of the pane, you need to check the door or have it inspected by a pro immediately.

Another point for concern is when you start seeing water dripping down the wall as well as puddles on the floor near or around the door.

Whether you notice moisture on the glass interior or water on the wall dripping down to the floor, it is highly likely that you will need to have your door changed. This is because these issues are often caused by a broken or faulty seal which, in turn, indicates the need for door replacement.

5. You are no longer happy with the door design

Lastly, if you just had your home renovated or made changes to your interior design recently, take a look at your patio door. Does it still match the style and décor of your home? If not, you may want to look at other designs or styles of patio doors that will complement your home.

Changing your patio door is an investment worth making even if you are not selling your home. This is because a new patio door will brighten up your home, and make it more comfortable and appealing. Most of all, ensuring your patio door is in good condition means energy efficiency and security for your home.

If you notice one or more of the signs listed above, get in touch with a reputable patio door installer immediately. You will save more money and avoid a lot of hassles if you have your faulty door replaced as soon as possible.

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