5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate in Singapore

Singapore is a small island state that has numerous business opportunities. The economy and political status of the country are both incredibly stable. The government has put measures in place to promote both domestic and foreign investment in an attempt to get tax returns and improve the livelihood of every citizen. Real estate is an economic backbone and every investor want to get a share of the thriving industry. If you want to become such an investor, there are many options awaiting you in Singapore. Here they are.

Building Properties for Sale

Investors shy away from building residential homes and commercial properties in foreign countries since they do not know the cost-saving areas. However, Singapore is a straightforward country where investment in real estate is easy to maneuver. The agents, contractors, and other stakeholders are genuine in their work. There is nothing to fear. Surprisingly, building new real estate properties to sell is far better than buying and selling. The only drawback is that it takes time before the projects are completed.


These are also known as the real estate investment trusts. Investors buy as many as they can afford from either individuals or companies. REITs work in a similar way to bonds and their value can fluctuate up or down depending on various economic forces. Additionally, investors in Singapore get to choose from a wide variety of REITs available in the country. If you are moving from a different country, the Visa Express Singapore experts will guide you to the best agents who offer help on REITs for an easy start.

Buying and Selling Properties

Apart from buying properties or investing in REITs, there is also an option to buy and sell properties. It is a lucrative business loved by both local and foreign investors in Singapore. Your agent will usually try to negotiate the best deal with home sellers and will help in renovating and upgrading the homes before they are sold for a profit. The main targets include estates and well-developed gated communities. The process of buying and selling properties involves a lot of legal work in changing ownership.

Buying and Renting Out Properties

Some other investors prefer buying and renting out the properties. It is also possible to build and rent out. The main benefit of this is that you will get more profit after the ROI is recovered. The owner is also liable for renovation and some other costs incurred in the building. The most important process is insuring your house against disasters and other calamities.

Managing Properties

Apart from all the above, some investors decide not to be involved in the ownership of properties and start real estate management firms. They act as middlemen between other investors and the buyers or sellers of properties. Therefore, they deal with a variety of cases that involve properties. In the future, they can start buying and selling properties as they expand. They are also excellent marketers of properties in Singapore. It is possible to register your small properties management company whether you are a local or foreigner in Singapore.

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