9 Tips To Choose A Roof Rack

If you are planning to head on a family holiday, the first thing you need to check is the boot in your car. The option of hitching and pulling a trailer might be the first thing you think of but it is really not fun. The simple solution is to choose a universal roof rack for the car. No matter the type of car you have or the size of the car you own, a roof rack will serve your purpose. Given the number of options available in the market, you will easily find one that best fits your needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right rack for your car.

1. Weight is crucial

When choosing a roof rack, heavy should be avoided and strong should be given preference. A lot of racks are bulky and they use heavy material like steel, however, you do not need to sacrifice the strength in order to reduce weight. The article “The Best Universal Roof Rack of 2019” from Rackfact explains that a roof rack for your car should be made of aluminum rather than steel, which creates a lot of drag on your car. You need to check the weight of the rack before you put your money in it. An aluminum rack will be about 30% lighter than steel and it will have more strength as well as load-carrying ability.

2. Choose modular

Given a choice, you need to opt for a modular rack. It will be easy to assemble and will allow you to add rack slats for multiple uses like building a platform or for swapping out the accidental damage. When you have a modular rack, it can alter your needs at any time. You can also use it for your next vehicle.

3. Consider the accessories

Always invest in a rack that you can use for different purposes. When you have a wide range of accessory lineup, you can create endless possibilities for adventure. You need to be sure that the rack will be able to accommodate mounts for fuel cans and water, surfboards, bikes, axes, skis, kayaks and anything else that you may require. When you head to the market to look for racks, you need to ensure that you do not lock yourself out of any options. You can consider the use of the rack and then make a choice.

4. Durability and strength

When you choose a rack that does not work well, you are simply ruining the trip. If you intend to head into the backcountry, do not opt for a cheap quality rack. You need to ensure that the rack is of top quality and the manufacturer is known for quality in gears which have been proven to work efficiently in harsh conditions. Do not restrict the adventure to asphalt only because you are worried about the strength of the rack. Some of the top camping spots will only be accessible through dirt trails and you need a high-quality rack that has strength and durability. Even if you have to pay slightly higher for a quality rack, you need to do so.

5. Choose low profile

Irrespective of the type of roof you choose, it will have an impact on the fuel economy and noise. However, it is possible to reduce this impact using a low profile rack. The rack will make the loading and unloading of the gear easier and will give access to the low parking garage. It will also create less drag and less noise which means high fuel mileage. Your overall experience will improve with a low profile rack.

6. Customer support

There are many rack companies out there which sell badly made rip-offs and run off with your money. You can never find them in case of any issue with the product. This is why you need to stick to companies that have been around for a while and can offer customer service and assistance in case of any concerns. They can also help you with rack installation and answer questions related to the performance of the gear.

7. Take tips from the professionals

You need to learn more about some of the adventure heroes and what they are using. Look at the preferences of explorers and adventure photographers who need the perfect equipment to reach the hardest destinations. Those who need the toughest gear have been through adequate experimentation in order to know what is best.

8. Choose from an extensive product range

You need to opt for a company that makes racks for a number of vehicles. With more racks and accessories, you will have more options irrespective of what you are driving. The manufacturer will also have a greater understanding of solutions for your requirements and the rack will outlast the vehicle. It means moving it to the next vehicle is an ideal option for you.

9. Focus on metal

When there are a large number of plastic components in the rack and accessory, it means that there are more chances of failure. Plastic tends to become brittle and has a low load rating. It will fade in the sun and will break easily. Hence, you need to avoid racks that have excess plastic. Companies tend to use cheap materials for low cost and you get what you pay for.

Always remember that paying for a quality rack means it will last longer and will not need a replacement for a long time. It will also be easy and convenient for you to use. Research and then make a buying decision. A roof rack is going to last you many seasons and it is best not to rush this purchase. Compare different racks online and learn about different manufacturers before you make a choice. The right type of roof rack will add convenience to your journey and will ensure that you find value for money. Keep these tips in mind when making a buying decision.

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