A Better Back Yard: 10 Advantages of Using Artificial Grass

Did you know you can expect to spend 70 hours every year doing lawn and gardening work?

From pulling weeds to mowing your lawn multiple times a month, this work takes away from time you could spend with your family and hobbies. You also have all the maintenance costs to think about.

Having artificial grass, though, would reduce this work and expenses. While it can be very aesthetic, resilient, and safe, this type of lawn also has other clear benefits to the environment.

Read on for 10 key advantages of installing artificial grass to see how it can benefit you.

1. You’ll Have Less Yard Work

Do you hate mowing your lawn, applying fertilizer, and having to pull out weeds? If so, then artificial grass installation will save you from a lot of unpleasant yard work.

To maintain your artificial grass, you’ll just need to clear away debris such as leaves and clean up after your kids and pets. Maintenance becomes as easy as spraying the grass down with a hose and picking up any wastes.

2. You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

When you’re thinking of installing artificial grass, the cost of artificial grass can range from $5 to $20 for each square foot. This might seem expensive, but you can expect that grass to last up to 25 years.

But at the same time, you get rid of expensive maintenance costs. You won’t need to spend as much on water. You also won’t need to use fertilizer or weed killer on the artificial grass at all.

If you pay for someone to mow the lawn or spend money doing it yourself, you can also keep more money in your pocket by installing artificial grass. You can check out this service to learn more about the artificial grass installation process.

3. Your Lawn Will Look Healthier

Artificial grass also gives you a healthier lawn without the need for much lawn care maintenance.

When cold weather comes or a drought occurs, you no longer have to worry about the grass dying and becoming an unsightly brown. Instead, you’ll always have a vibrant green lawn.

The lack of weeds also gives your artificial grass a healthier look. If you ever do have weeds, you can easily remove them without worrying they’ll tangle up in your grass.

4. It’s Safer for Your Kids and Pets

Since you won’t use harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers on your artificial grass, it’s safer for your kids to play on. The lack of chemicals means you won’t have to worry about young kids getting sick if they touch the grass and don’t wash their hands. If your kids have grass allergies, you can also expect a reduction in symptoms.

Pets also benefit since the artificial grass seems less appealing to them. While they will still have fun running around your yard, they’re less likely to want to eat the grass and get sick as a result.

5. Artificial Grass Is Great for Recreational Uses

Because artificial grass is soft and resistant to wear and tear, it’s a great choice when you use your yard for sports or play.

The softness can help prevent injuries when someone trips or falls on your lawn. At the same time, the evenness makes artificial grass a great choice for playground equipment. You

6. It’s Better for the Environment

Artificial grass is an overall eco-friendly option if conservation and environmental health are important to you.

Not only do you use less water, but you reduce carbon emissions when you don’t need to use a mower. You also avoid the use of toxic chemicals like fertilizers that can get into waterways as well as poison your pets and family.

7. You Can Choose From a Variety of Grasses

Just as there are multiple types of natural grasses, you have artificial grass options that fit your tastes, needs, and budget.

If you need something inexpensive and don’t mind a bit less durability, polypropylene artificial grass may work. Polyethylene artificial grass may appeal to you if you’re willing to pay more for softer, durable, and natural-looking grass. Nylon is a good option where durability is most important.

8. Your Lawn Will Be More Resilient

When you have a traditional lawn, wear and tear become a big problem. Whether you’ve got kids running around or experience a lot of climate changes, they all take a toll on your lawn and break it down.

But when you have artificial grass, you get a much more durable alternative. This materials making up the grass can handle harsh weather as well as heavy traffic from people and pets well.

9. You Won’t Have to Worry About Droughts and Shade

Dry summers and cloudy days can give you trouble when you have a traditional lawn. After all, a drought can make your grass dry up and die during the hot weather. Your traditional grass also needs several hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive.

You can easily solve these problems by installing artificial grass since it needs no water or sun to grow. You also won’t have to worry about random bald patches in your lawn under shady places.

10. Puddling Won’t Be a Problem Anymore

An uneven natural lawn leads to problems where water pools in places and can take a long time to dry up. This becomes a mess when your kids and pets get into the muddy areas. The extended wetness can also harm your lawn’s health.

Using artificial grass as an alternative prevents this problem due to the installation process. The people working on your lawn will make some channels underneath that allow water to more easily move away from your artificial lawn. This gives you no more puddles and more use of your yard space.

Now You Can Consider Installing Artificial Grass

As you’ve seen, installing artificial grass can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. The health benefits and recreational uses can also bring your family more enjoyment and peace of mind.

Consider researching some local artificial grass installers and requesting an on-site estimate. The company will come out to your house, take a look at your lawn, and offer advice on the best artificial grass that will work for your space. You’ll also know how much you can expect to spend.

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